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White hats for divisional playoff round: Parry, Steratore, Morelli, Leavy



Updated 1/12/12: Replaced post to include full crews.

We now have the full crews for this weekend’s games. For the most part, the regular season crews are intact. Those that have been substituted are likely due those officials being promoted to a conference championship assignment (although, there are other factors).

Saints at 49ers (Saturday, 4:30 pm ET)

  • R — #132 John Parry (12th year, 5th as referee)
  • U — #64 Dan Ferrell (9th year)
  • HL — #74 Derick Bowers (9th year)
  • LJ — #59 Rusty Baynes (2nd year)
  • FJ — #3 Scott Edwards (13th year)
  • SJ — #7 Keith Washington (4th year)
  • BJ — #2 Billy Smith (18th year)*
  • Alternates — Mike Spanier (#90, LJ from Walt Coleman’s crew), Kirk Dornan (#6, BJ from Mike Carey’s crew)

Parry officiated a Week 5 game when the Saints were on the road playing the Panthers and the Thanksgiving night game that the 49ers played in Baltimore against the Ravens. Last year’s Packers-Falcons divisional playoff game was officiated by Parry’s crew.

*Substitution: Smith is substituting for Perry Paganelli from Walt Anderson’s crew.

Broncos at Patriots (Saturday, 8 pm ET)

  • R — #114 Gene Steratore (9th year, 6th as referee)
  • U — #129 Bill Schuster (12th year)
  • HL — #106 Wayne Mackie (5th year)
  • LJ — #107 Ron Marinucci (15th year)
  • FJ — #25 Bob Waggoner (15th year)
  • SJ — #73 Joe Larrew (10th year)*
  • BJ — #105 Dino Paganelli (6th year)
  • Alternates — Carl Paganelli (#124, U from Jerome Boger’s crew), Greg Steed (#12, BJ from Alberto Riverón’s crew)

Steratore presided over the Week 5 game when the Broncos hosted the Chargers. Last year, he and his crew officiated the Jets-Colts wild card playoff game. Dino Paganelli was an alternate for last year’s Super Bowl.

*Substitution: Larrew is substituting for Mike Weatherford from Jerome Boger’s crew.

Texans at Ravens (Sunday, 1 pm ET)

  • R — #135 Pete Morelli (15th year, 9th as referee)
  • U — #71 Ruben Fowler (6th year)
  • HL — #26 Mark Baltz (23rd year)
  • LJ — #18 Byron Boston (17th year)*
  • FJ — #89 Jon Lucivansky (3rd year)
  • SJ — #95 James Coleman (7th year)*
  • BJ — #75 Rob Vernatchi (8th year)
  • Alternates — Paul King (#121, U from Terry McAuley’s crew), Barry Anderson (#20, FJ from Jeff Triplette’s crew).

Morelli officiated a Week 5 game when the Texans hosted the Raiders. Last year, Morelli and his crew officiated a wild card playoff game (Packers at Eagles).

*Substitutions: Boston and Coleman are substituting from Walt Anderson’s crew for John Hussey and Don Carlsen.

Giants at Packers (Sunday, 4:30 pm)

  • R — #127 Bill Leavy (17th year, 11th as referee)
  • U — #44 Jeff Rice  (10th year)*
  • HL — #54 George Hayward (21st year)
  • LJ — #9 Mark Perlman (11th year)
  • FJ — #63 Jim Quirk (2nd year)
  • SJ — #128 Larry Rose (15th year)*
  • BJ — #93 Scott Helverson (9th year)*

Leavy has not officiated for either team this season. Last season, Leavy and his crew also had a divisional playoff assignment (Jets at Patriots).

Substitutions: Rice is substituting for Darrell Jenkins from Jeff Triplette’s crew. Rose and Helverson are substituting from Scott Green’s crew for Keith Parham and Keith Ferguson. (Parham is a rookie, and therefore ineligible for a postseason assignment.)

Quirk is serving in his first year of postseason eligibility.

Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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