Could 85 be flagged for wearing No. 15?

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is planning on honoring teammate Chris Henry by wearing Henry's number 15 jersey. Henry, who was on injured reserve, died on Friday at the age of 26 after falling out of a moving vehicle. The league said that, while Ochocinco

Clock may be reviewable for ’09 playoffs

Usually we will give a complete rundown of the "Official Review" segment from the NFL officiating department, but we wanted to advance the news out of that segment to its own post first. A tip-off to a rare midseason rule change was dropped as vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira (video) was

3 confusing calls in Sunday night game

Week 14: Eagles at Giants We have three calls for analysis—all three called correctly—from the Eagles–Giants game that will likely end up on this week's "Official Review." View the highlights of the game in addition to our analysis: McNabb incomplete or fumble? On a second-and-10 from the Eagles 42, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb

Week 13 “Official Review”: Free shots are concern, disputed OT call deemed right

The calls under "Official Review" by league vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira (video, part 1 and part 2): The oft-talked-about play of the week (video), where a down-by-contact ruling for the Redskins was overruled as a fumble and recovery for the Saints in overtime. Pereira points out that the ball is

Refs gain 310 yards on Packers, Ravens

Week 13: Ravens at Packers The Ravens and Packers gave the spotlight to the officials on Monday Night Football, as both teams were assessed a combined 310 yards in penalties, tied for second all-time. The Ravens, while being penalized 175, managed to outdo the referees by 10 yards with 185 yards

49ers have ‘several paragraphs’ of questionable calls headed to league office

Week 13: 49ers at Seahawks As NFL head coaches are wont to do on a weekly basis, 49ers coach Mike Singletary has registered a complaint with the league office regarding some questionable calls in Sunday's game against the Seahawks. First, Singletary does acknowledge that important caveat at the end of his

Foul at end of half administered correctly, automatically declined, even if unfair

Week 13: Cowboys at Giants On the final play of the second quarter, the Cowboys were short on a 57-yard field goal attempt. While the Giants tried to advance the missed kick, the play was whistled dead. After the play was clearly over, Cowboys lineman Flozell Adams dealt a cheap shot