USFL Rules School: What rules differ from the NFL?

Here are a list of the rules the USFL is employing that are different than the NFL rules set. Game timing Halftime is 10 minutes in lengthPlay clock will use 35 seconds, 25 seconds after a stoppageTiming rules for a runner out of bounds apply after the 2-minute warningThe clock stops on

Raiders and Chargers know all about the special fumble rule

Somewhere in the chill of a north surburban Chicago night, retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit had to be smiling - or wincing - in the frantic moments of the Raiders-Chargers Week 15 Thursday Night Football game. Referee John Hussey had to apply a rule that Markbreit wishes would have been on

Dissecting blindside blocks: when is it legal or illegal?

Analysis by Rich Madrid There has been a great deal of confusion among fans as to what constitutes a blindside block. Part of that confusion stems from the fact that in 2019, the NFL competition committee changed the rules on blindside blocks. Originally, the rule covered only forcible contact to the

Everything you need to know about 10-second runoffs

In the last two minutes of each half, the time on the clock becomes extremely important. There are several rules that come in play, including the potential for a 10-second runoff. The runoff has been in the NFL in since 1955, and its purpose is to nullify the offense's advantage