What’s coming up this offseason?

The countdown clocks have been reset from zero and are now running. Atlanta is already in preparation mode to host Super Bowl LIII. The offseason has begun, and there are several items on the agenda for the officiating department, both in terms of rules and personnel. Additionally, there are 21 experimental

The time has come for Walt Coleman to call a Raiders game

Commentary by Mark Schultz The NFL needs to stop worrying about reputation and P.R. and assign its officials without past games in mind. Specifically, the NFL needs to have referee Walt Coleman call an Oakland Raiders game. Coleman's last Raiders game was January 19, 2002, a divisional playoff in New England against

Learning never stops at the top levels for officials

  One of the consistent qualities for top-notch officials is that they are coachable. Coaches love it when one of their star players is coachable, and officials need that same quality. A master learns an early lesson Midway through his Big 10 officiating career, referee Jerry Markbreit learned a lesson. A deep pass

Should NFL officials be allowed to make commercials?

Commentary by Mark Schultz This past season, line judge Sarah Thomas, the first permanent female official in the NFL, was a spokesperson for Activia yogurt. The commercials told the inspiring story of her journey to the NFL and how she broke the glass ceiling for women to officiate in the pros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLcrFzI0vlw Thomas

Who will be the NFL’s next senior vice president of officiating?

Football Zebras analysis As we approach the beginning of the NFL officiating season (the NFL can communicate with officials starting in May), there's widespread speculation about who will be the next senior vice president of officiating. The NFL posted the job description and is taking applicants. The position reports to Troy

VP of officiating: who WANTS this job?!

Embed from Getty Images   Former vice president of officiating, Mike Pereira (pictured above), knew every Monday during the football season would be busy. In his book, After Further Review, Pereira wrote that he could predict what coaches would be calling and what they wanted to talk about. He had to field calls,

How likely are the rules proposals to pass for 2017?

  With the owners approving the Raiders move to Las Vegas, the rules proposals will be under discussion at the owners' meeting on Monday and extending into Tuesday. Football Zebras editors Ben Austro and Mark Schultz take a look at the proposals to see which ones have a chance at passing. Special-teams blocking Mark:

NCAA officials should call more unsportsmanlike conduct fouls on coaches

Embed from Getty Images   Commentary by Mark Schultz A few weeks ago, Jon Solomon of CBS Sports opined that it is time for college football officials to eject head coaches for over-the-top sideline unsportsmanlike conduct. I completely agree. While an overwhelming number of coaches at the college level behave themselves, it is