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Calls2016 Army-Navy Game liveblog

2016 Army-Navy Game liveblog

Football Zebras is covering America’s Game: the 117th matchup between the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen. We will be reporting on the rules and the interpretations through the game here and on Twitter.

Ben Austro Ben Austro December 10, 20167:08 pm

Ben Austro Ben Austro December 10, 20167:07 pm

Tributes to broadcasting legend Verne Lundquist:

Matt Holmquist Matt Holmquist December 10, 20165:20 pm

6:09 | 3rd qtr. Navy muffs a pitch that was ruled backwards, and the ball is subsequently loose. In the ensuing scrum, the call on the field is that the fumble was recovered in-bounds by Army. After the play went to review, it was determined that an Army player touched the ball while out of bounds. Because the status was a backwards pass, the ball is awarded to Navy at the spot where it went out of bounds. If it were a fumble, it would have been returned to the spot where the ball became loose.

Ben Austro Ben Austro December 10, 20163:04 pm

Stuart Mullins (ACC) is the referee for today’s game.

Ben Austro Ben Austro December 10, 20162:43 pm

Uniforms in today’s game