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Week 1 referee assignments

steratore overtime marathon

Gene Steratore is the referee in Denver for the annual kickoff game on Thursday night. The Broncos host the Panthers in a rematch of Super Bowl 50, appearing in consecutive games across the offseason. Carl Cheffers’  crew has the week off, but Cheffers is substituting for Terry McAulay this week [updated 9/7].  

Thursday, Sept. 8

  • Panthers at Broncos   NBC   â€”   Gene Steratore

Sunday, Sept. 11

  • Buccaneers at Falcons   â€”   Jeff Triplette
  • Bills at Ravens   â€”   Brad Allen
  • Bears at Texans   â€”   Pete Morelli
  • Packers at Jaguars   â€”   Carl Cheffers (with Terry McAulay’s crew)
  • Chargers at Chiefs   â€”   Jerome Boger
  • Raiders at Saints   â€”   John Parry
  • Bengals at Jets   â€”   Clete Blakeman
  • Browns at Eagles   â€”   Walt Anderson
  • Vikings at Titans   â€”   Walt Coleman
  • Dolphins at Seahawks   â€”   John Hussey
  • Giants at Cowboys   â€”   Ron Torbert
  • Lions at Colts   â€”   Ed Hochuli
  • Patriots at Cardinals   NBC   â€”   Tony Corrente

Monday, Sept. 12

  • Steelers at Washington (7:10 p.m. ET)   ESPN   â€”   Craig Wrolstad
  • Rams at 49ers (10:20 pm ET)   ESPN   â€”   Bill Vinovich
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15 thoughts on “Week 1 referee assignments

  1. Interesting that Craig Wrolstad is refereeing the Redskins game back to back weeks, he was the ref last week when the Redskins played Tampa Bay in the last preseason game!!

  2. Anyone else thinking that Gene Steratore is gonna get super bowl 51?? Considering he has had the best matchups in preseason and now gets te super bowl rematch. Primetime!

  3. It’s way too early to say Dean; there’s a lot of football to be played. But here’s an interesting fact: the last 3 refs to work the opening night game (Coleman 2013, Parry 3014, Cheffers last year) didn’t work in the playoffs at all during the respective seasons.

  4. Wade – You don’t know that Parry won’t work the 3014 playoffs, I mean he probably won’t, but you don’t know…

  5. Actually all we have to do is freeze John Parry for 996 years.

    Also, I am sure Gene Steratore might have something else to do this weekend.

  6. I certainly hope that Gene Steratore isn’t the ref for Superbowl 51, his officiating last night for the opening game of the 2016-17 season was shocking, I thought pre-season games were to get the officials up to speed, in both fitness, gameplay awareness and making the right call in the rules playbook, apparently, the Zebras need several months to get up to the correct standard, they should start their pre-season in April.

  7. Gene Steratore sucks, he always has and he always will. I cringe every time I see him assigned to a game my team is playing in.

  8. Side note: Tony Corrente’s crew called the most penalties on the Patriots last year, and one of the refs that is on his crew this year called 4 pass interferences against Gronk in one game last year. Just saying, seems a bit rigged if you ask me.

  9. The crew for the Panthers-Bronxos were awful. These officials Broncos allowed the Broncos to Tee-Off, on Newton several times to the head, with only one flag called. If Newton was Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Romo, or the now retired Peyton Manning, flags would have been everywhere. Disparity of treatment toward quarterback whose names are not Brady, etc

  10. All of you guys and gals who come here to bitch and moan about a call that went against your home team are on the wrong forum. This site is designed for us insiders and experts to discuss important matters relating to the profession of officiating.

    Please go to some stupid sports talk radio and talk to some football lightweight named Adam or Seth or Ira!

  11. I plot the officials Am interested in good and bad. Also I want to know biases,so start your own boring site. thank you

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