Week 17 open forum, assignments

Did a referee drop a call like the ball in Times Square? Let us know in the comments. Referee assignments are listed after the jump. Quick Updates Cowboys at Eagles. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett attempted to challenge the spot of the ball in relation to a first down. Referee Tony Corrente disallowed

Week 16 open forum, assignments

Let us know your opinions about the calls in Week 16 in the comments. Referee assignments are after the jump. Quick Updates Titans at Chiefs. Chiefs were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for a leap into the front row by several players. As referee Scott Green announced "Only one man is permitted to

Week 12 open forum, assignments

Updated 11/29 for new feature, below If you see a call that is a turkey, let us know in the comments section of this post. Referee assignments are after the jump. Update: Starting this week, we will update the open forum with any calls we read about that aren't worthy of

Week 9 open forum, assignments

Drop us a line in the comments regarding any calls you disagree with in Week 9. Sorry, we've not updated the discussion during the past couple of weeks. Barring any major news this week, we will backtrack and cover some of the call from Weeks 7 and 8. Referee assignments