Language revisions update rulebook beyond owner-approved changes

Embed from Getty Images   2016 rule changes Every season there are several rule changes approved by the owners. In addition, many small changes or simple clarifications are also added to existing rules by the football operations division with the officiating department within it. These so-called language changes are not to circumvent the

Simplifying enforcement when flags and fumbles fly

2016 rule changes The enforcement of penalties is a fairly routine matter during the game, as there are straightforward criteria with each type of rule. When you see prolonged conferences between officials, it is usually when there is the complicating factors of multiple fouls, changes of possession, and kicks -- each

Rule revision makes all chop blocks illegal

2016 rule changes One of the more dangerous situations for a defender is the chop block, and players will have more protection in the 2016 season now that the NFL has made all chop blocks illegal. A chop block is essentially a high/low block -- often it is confused with a cut

Officials will (rarely) eject players on 2 unsportsmanlike fouls

Embed from Getty Images 2016 rule changes Player safety and sportsmanship have always been a high priority, but now there is one more tangible way that the NFL will attempt to enforce this on the field. In 2016, players will not only have to worry about fines, but ejection if they commit