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XFL Week 5 referee assignments



In the fifth week of the XFL, Tra Blake, Jeff Heaser, John O’Neill, and Reggie Smith will be the referees as we near the halfway point of the regular season. Follow our live coverage here and on our Twitter page, @footballzebras.

Game assignments are below. All times are Eastern.

Game assignments

Saturday, Mar. 7

Seattle Dragons at Houston Roughnecks, 2 p.m. ABC

R 9 Tra Blake ACC
C 22 Larry Smith Big Ten
U 50 Francisco Villar Pac-12
D 8 James Wharrie Pac-12
L 54 Quentin Givens Big 12
F 67 Max Causey Conference USA
S 62 LaShell Nelson Conference USA
B 25 Grantis Bell SEC
  • Replay official: Saleem Choudhry
  • Ball spotter: Jason LaBorde
  • Supervisor: Wes Booker

New York Guardians at Dallas Renegades, 5 p.m. FOX

R 84 Jeff Heaser ACC
C 33 Chris Snead SEC
U 49 Scott Campbell Big 12
D 17 Cravonne Barrett Pac-12
L 55 Robin DeLorenzo Big Ten
F 6 Lo Van Pham Big 12
S 91 Frank Steratore Big Ten
B 58 Joe Johnston Pac-12
  • Replay official: Robert Lu
  • Ball spotter: Crystal Cooksey
  • Supervisor: Steve Strimling

Sunday, Mar. 8

St. Louis Battlehawks at DC Defenders, 3 p.m. FS1

R 14 John O’Neill Big Ten
C 82 Ron Turner SEC
U 86 William Thomas ACC
D 47 Rod Ammari Pac-12
L 28 Tom Eaton SEC
F 96 Sebrina Brunson SEC
S 72 Justin Larrew SEC
B 90 Tyree Walton Big 12
  • Replay official: Terri Valenti
  • Ball spotter: Derek Hatten
  • Supervisor: Chuck Bresnahan

Tampa Bay Vipers at Los Angeles Wildcats, 9 p.m. ESPN

R 2 Reggie Smith Big 12
C 27 Adam Savoie ACC
U 35 Brad Hudak Big Ten
D 11 Dale Keller Pac-12
L 21 Maia Chaka Conference USA
F 63 Daniel Gautreaux SEC
S 94 Maurice Pierre Conference USA
B 29 Jimmy DeBell Conference USA
  • Replay official: Glenn King
  • Ball spotter: Jace Carlson
  • Supervisor: Larry Upson


Game clock expires after fourth down play

On the final play of the Seattle-Houston game, a 4th and 23, the game clock continued to run after the ball was declared dead, thus ending the game. On a change of possession, the clock should stop at the end of the play. It appears that Seattle would have had an opportunity to run one more play with a short field for a chance to tie the game, but the officiating crew left the field and officiating supervisor Wes Booker explained that although an error was made, there would be no attempt to bring the teams back to the field to continue the game.

This is an oddity for sure, and it would be foolish to make assumptions as to why this took place, however, we have seen NFL games where teams have been called back from the locker rooms to run one or two more plays in a game, so we’re not sure why it was done here. The officiating crew has final say on a play such as this one, with no SkyJudge interaction such as in the Alliance of American Football who would have been able to intervene, under AAF rules.

You can read more on the game clock debacle in its own post.

RO Valenti works through a tight interception call in replay review

Following a St. Louis Battlehawks interception, replay official Terri Valenti took a look at the play to see if the defender actually made the interception. After first remarking that the ball bounced up into the defender’s hand, a different angle of the play told a different story. It was not clear and obvious to reverse the ruling on the field of an interception, so the ruling on the field stood.

Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist and has been involved in football officiating for 12 years. Cam is in his fourth season as a high school football official. This is his ninth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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