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2019 AFC Divisional Playoffs liveblog: Titans at Ravens

We are covering the AFC Divisional Playoff from M&T Bank Stadium in Batimore, between the Titans and Ravens.

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One thought on “2019 AFC Divisional Playoffs liveblog: Titans at Ravens

  1. – Flag on Ravens for hitting Tannehill out of bounds when he clearly wasn’t gifted the Titans yards. Ending up scoring a TD that probably would have been a FGA. This was one of the worst late hit flags I’ve ever seen. Tannehill was touched as his feet were still in bounds. Heading out of bounds doesn’t equal out of bounds. (possible swing 0-4 points).

    – Late hit on Lamar Jackson (helmet to helmet) after he gave himself up. Not flagged. Would have been an automatic first down and put Ravens in FG range (late 1st quarter or early 2nd). Ravens ended up punting. (possible swing 0-7 points. Probably 3).

    – Whistle blown early on 3rd and 3 with Gus Edwards driving forward. Ravens go for it on 4th and inches and get stopped. I don’t think Edwards had the first down, but was blown away

    – Blatant hold by Tennessee O-lineman on Raven D-Lineman (holding his leg while he was on the ground) on Derrick Henry’s 66 yard run. They then score a TD. Should have been 3rd and 11 around the Titans 20 instead of 1st and Goal (possible point swing 0-7 points).

    – Lamar hit on the helmet by defensive player before fumbling and giving the Titans the ball around the 20 yard line. (Last season, a Chiefs player’s hand flew in front of Tom Brady’s helmet and he was flagged for roughing the passer). Titans score TD (point swing of 7 points (or more if Ravens score)).

    Game was basically out of hand at this point, but since it was a 2 score game (28-12), even the small plays mattered. A touchdown (2 point conversion), onside kick recovery, and 1 play (with 2 point conversion) makes it a tie game. Which is why I included this last play.

    – clear tug of jersey on Mark Andrews on 4th down on 2nd to last Ravens drive. Ball fell incomplete and turned over on downs. Would have been 1st and goal. (possible point swing 0-7 points. They definitely weren’t going for a FG at that point.)

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