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Week 16 referee assignments

Scott Novak, John Hussey, and Clete Blakeman are the referees for the Saturday tripleheader on NFL Network. Shawn Smith and his crew are off this week.

Saturday, Dec. 21

  • Texans at Buccaneers   NFLN   â€”   Scott Novak
  • Bills at Patriots   NFLN   â€”   John Hussey
  • Rams at 49ers   NFLN   â€”   Clete Blakeman

Sunday, Dec. 22

  • Ravens at Browns   â€”   Alex Kemp
  • Panthers at Colts   â€”   Walt Anderson
  • Bengals at Dolphins   â€”   Brad Allen
  • Lions at Broncos   â€”   Craig Wrolstad
  • Jaguars at Falcons   â€”   Adrian Hill
  • Saints at Titans   â€”   Jerome Boger
  • Giants at Washington   â€”   Ron Torbert
  • Raiders at Chargers   â€”   Clay Martin
  • Steelers at Jets   â€”   Shawn Hochuli
  • Cardinals at Seahawks   â€”   Brad Rogers
  • Cowboys at Eagles   â€”   Tony Corrente
  • Chiefs at Bears   NBC   â€”   Carl Cheffers

Monday, Dec. 23

  • Packers at Vikings   ESPN   â€”   Bill Vinovich
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Cameron Filipe
Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist from Massachusetts and has been involved in football officiating for 11 years. Cam is in his third season as a high school football official. This is his eighth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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4 thoughts on “Week 16 referee assignments

  1. Blakeman, Hussey, Cheffers and Vinovich. I charted each crew’s games this year, including who got Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games. These four got games of major consequence this weekend, so you can pretty much guess three among them will get the conference championships and the Super Bowl this time. The fourth will get a divisional. I’m thinking Corrente and Hochuli will get two of the others, leaving two vacancies to fill. Although Scott Novak isn’t eligible for a playoff game on the field, I’m guessing he’s the first-year white hat who’s doing the best. Of course, everything can change when Week 17 assignments come out. (If Vinovich doesn’t get SF@SEA, I’ll be shocked.) Any other views?

  2. I think you have a good analysis, Ken. This, I believe, is also Cheffers’ 4th SNF game of the season, so he clearly has to be having a very good year.

    Tony Corrente also has seemingly had a good season. He has gotten 2 SNF games in the last 3 weeks, and he has DAL vs PHI nationally televised FOX game this weekend which has big division implications (winner wins the NFC East, basically). So I would lump him in with the others you mentioned as the top tier officials this year for playoffs.

    Only reason I think Vinovich may not get SF/SEA next week is because he already worked a 49ers away game this year. (Although the old assigning system seems to have gone out the window), so this may not even matter.

  3. The Seahawks vs 49ers week 17 game is in Seattle and Cheffers 4 Sunday night game which the packers vs 49ers game week 12 was crossflexed to Sunday night

  4. My wild card referee prediction is Hochuli with umpire Ramon George,down judge mike Carr line judge Byron Boston field judge Michael banks,side judge Greg gauteraux back judge rich Martinez Brad Allen with umpire Jeff rice down judge jerry Bergman line judge Brian Bolinger field judge Steve Zimmer side judge Scott Edwards back judge Terrance miles Ron Torbert with umpire Steve woods down judge David Oliver line judge mark steinkerchner field judge land Clark side judge Eugene hall back judge Todd prukop Tony Corrente with umpire Jeff rice down judge Sarah Thomas line judge gary Arthur field judge Anthony Jeffries side judge Boris cheek and back judge perry paganeli divisional round Craig wrolstad with umpire Ruben Fowler down Judge jerod Phillips line judge Carl Johnson field judge terry brown side judge Jonah Monroe back judge Scott helverson Clay Martin with umpire mark pellis down judge Patrick turner line judge rusty baynes field judge Tom hill side judge James Coleman back judge Matt Edwards Clete Blakeman with umpire dan Ferrell with down judge Dana McKenzie line judge Julian mapp field judge mike weatherford side judge jimmy Buchanan back judge tony steratore Walt Anderson with umpire Barry Anderson down judge Kent Payne line judge Walt Coleman IV field judge lee Dyer side judge dale,Shaw back judge steve Patrick conference championship bill vinovich with umpire Paul king down judge Phil McKinney line judge Byron Boston field judge Michael banks side judge rick Patterson back judge dino paganeli Carl Cheffers umpire Fred Bryan down judge mark hittner line judge Jeff Bergman field judge dyrol prioleau side judge Eugene hall back judge Greg Meyer Super Bowl Craig wrolstad with umpire Barry Anderson down judge Dana McKenzie line judge Carl Johnson field judge Tom hill side judge James Coleman back judge Scott helverson

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