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2018 Fiesta Bowl liveblog

We are covering the Fiesta Bowl between LSU and Central Florida. Today’s crew is from the ACC.

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3 thoughts on “2018 Fiesta Bowl liveblog

  1. I think you should add that the receiver was held fo0r 5 yards during hi route on his left should and then spun to the ground so the interception could be made…with defender never releasing shoulder until receiver was twisted to ground

    Pick six upheld
    UCF takes a 93-yard pick six to the house. There was a close targeting/no targeting block on the LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

    Referee Stuart Mullins reviewed the action and ruled the call “stands.”

  2. This crew was absolutely horrendous. Lost control of the game early and threw cheap, tick tacky fouls to try to gain it back. Stuart Mullins should never ref a bowl game again

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