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Quick calls: Week 16 liveblog

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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6 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 16 liveblog

  1. Pass interference needs to be reviewable. Period. If officials are going to blow calls that badly, and that was “I should be fired” bad, it needs to be fixable with replay. I’m doing a complete 180 here because there is zero justification for that call, and the Steelers have already had TWO wins taken away by the officials this year and may very well miss the playoffs because of calls like this.

  2. They follow it up with an incredibly weak PI call on Morgan Burnett on a play where the LT clearly committed a false start that was missed. The officials then missed another false start on the LT on the Saints touchdown. When are these officials going to see some consequences for these inexcusable misses?

    I’m not even bringing up the Saints catch/fumble that they let go for five seconds before calling it incomplete in the middle of the Steelers’ return.

    The officials have handed the Saints 14 points.

  3. The officials handed New Orleans a 3rd touchdown missing blatant OPI, while then blowing the spot on the illegal catch. How does this crew get such a big game? They’re clearly not qualified to be out there.

  4. In the 70’s the Cowboys offensive line always reset from a 2 point stance to a three point stance in an effort to hide backfield motion. A week 16 call made this illegal motion. What has changed?

  5. when does the NFL issue their official excuse for the refereeing ? the New orleans / Pittsburgh game was especially bad – how can the league live with such poor refereeing that appears to be costing some teams 1-3 wins and possible playoff participation?

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