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Quick calls: Week 7

Check this post for a breakdown of calls made by the officiating crews today. Did you see something that is controversial or have a question about a rules interpretation? Respond in the comments section of this post or tweet us @footballzebras.

(Officiating assignments)


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2 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 7

  1. Cowboys vs. Panthers (Touchback on interception)

    Wanted a clarification on the Maurice Claiborne interception and ruled touchback. After Claiborne intercepted falling to the ground, he then got up as if to run but then was tackled by Steve Smith still in the endzone. i know it is a touchback, but not because Claiborne took a knee. He got up and was tackled. So is Steve Smith statistically credited with a tackle? It didn’t show up on the game stats. A stat correction needed?

  2. I know that a player who initiates a runback from the end zone, but never leaves the end zone, is not credited with any return yardage; but, a player who intercepts 7 yards deep in the end zone, and returns to the 10-yard line is credited with 17 yards. Perhaps tackles are similarly handled. That is a better question for the Elias Sports Bureau, who manages the statistics on behalf of the NFL. They have an entire manual of how to consistently record almost every conceivable type of play. I would contact them for clarification.

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