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NFL fines MVP Holmes $10,000 for unpenalized end-zone celebration


The NFL announced, through Adam Schefter’s blog, that Steelers’ receiver Santonio Holmes was fined $10,000 for his end-zone celebration by using the ball as a prop. The celebration came on the game-winning touchdown of Super Bowl XLIII. Vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira acknowledged on the NFL Network after the Super Bowl that the celebration should…

No further review on Cards’ last play


Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh vs. Cardinals Officials don’t win or lose games. The Cardinals had a three-point lead with 2:47 remaining in the fourth quarter. So, rather the defense is mostly responsible for the outcome, rather than the denial of a last-second desperation play. Kurt Warner’s last ditch effort did, however, deserve more than a…

What if it was a 99-yard interception return?


Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs. Cardinals James Harison’s goal-line-to-goal-line run fortunately, and correctly, survived the replay review, but would not have been entirely disasterous if overturned. Even though time expired during the play, an Arizona facemask call would have given the Steelers another shot at the end zone. Being a personal foul, as I understand…