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  1. The referees need to make better calls in the 1st half of the Chiefs vs Washington……. review film.They need Smith by the neck twisted, roughed Kelsey, offense pass interface Washington player pushed Peter.


  2. Washington/ Packers. Horrible calls.. Seriously. We can only stand so much. The learning curve is over people. If you cant call the game properly, you need to find another profession.

  3. After the last Clay Matthews call in the 3rd quarter of the Redskins game…I am 100% done with the NFL. Will NEVER again watch any NFL game (because of the refs and your stupid rules which you can never call on both sides). DONE done! I will never use my Discover card again because they advertise on the NFL. You have totally ruined the Professional football experience for the fans. The NFL is completely out of control. Bye! NEVER again. I was a fan for for 50 years and I am D-O-N-E. That last call on Clay Matthews during the Redskins game on Sept 23rd was the final straw. You ruined the game. Bye!

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