Jeff Triplette to join ESPN broadcast booth as rules analyst

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras exclusive Nearly six months off his retirement, Jeff Triplette is slated to join ESPN as a rules analyst along with newcomers Joe Tessitore and Jason Witten in the Monday Night Football booth, according to officiating and network sources. Football Zebras has also learned that the NFL specifically steered ESPN

NFL and CFL continue officiating partnership The Canadian Football League and the NFL will continue to exchange officials in the early part of the CFL season and the NFL preseason. This is the third year of the NFL-CFL officiating exchange program. NFL officials will go north of the border in the summer and call games in the first

Scorecard of the 2018 NFL Spring Meeting

Below are the actions passed by the owners at their 2018 Spring Meeting in Atlanta. Each item is shown with the disposition of each proposal.  The playing rules proposals begin with 12, the next number after the ones considered in March. *Items that were tabled at the Annual Meeting in March are

Centralized replay could take active role in ejecting, un-ejecting players next year

Embed from Getty Images Look for the NFL centralized replay, under senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron, to take a more active role in ejecting and un-ejecting players in the 2018 season. Update: NFL owners voted on the proposal in Atlanta and was passed on May 22. The idea of un-ejecting a

Helmet rule heads into 2018 without further revision

NFL owners have but two residual playing rules proposals on their agenda entering the spring meeting in Atlanta: major revisions to the formation and contact on kickoffs and to expand the ability for the chief staff at the replay nexus to review. What is absent is any revision to the helmet

Drastic changes coming to the kickoff

In another effort to improve player safety and the prevention of injuries on special teams, but at the same time, to also keep the foot in football, a new proposal to modify the rules governing the kickoff has been made, which will be voted on at this month's Spring League

Happy New Year, NFL referee style

Embed from Getty Images   There is no crystal ball drop. The year doesn't switch. There are  no confetti guns. But for NFL officials, May 15 is a New Years celebration.   This year's off-season was a little different, as this was the first one that featured full-time officials. Those full timers participated in

In a bizarre turn, Blandino to intermittently run national college replay

Dean Blandino, former senior vice president of officiating for the NFL, was named national director of instant replay for college football, confirming a Football Zebras report last month. This position was created by College Football Officiating in 2016, and Blandino will be replacing the first person to hold the position, Jim Blackwood.

More vacancies on the NFL officiating roster are reportedly on the way The revolving door in the NFL officiating department appears to still be in motion. Football Zebras has learned from multiple sources that field judge Jon Lucivansky will not return in the 2018 season. Lucivansky just finished his ninth season, but he has been in a bit of a playoff drought; the