New point of emphasis aims to reduce taunting during dead-ball periods

A new point of emphasis this season aims to cut down on taunting and other actions that disrespect or demean an opponent. The NFL is directing its officials to "strictly" call unsportsmanlike conduct on players who taunt opponents -- be it taunting through words, or posing in front of or over

Al Riveron retires as senior VP of officiating

Al Riveron, the senior vice president of officiating for the past 7 seasons has retired from the NFL, according to reporting from the NFL Network. Riveron was elevated to senior vice president in 2017 after the departure of Dean Blandino in that role. In 2020, the league hired two other men

Understated rule change could cost roster spots

This offseason, the NFL approved a new rule change to low blocks that limit their use to a box two yards outside the tackle and five yards on either side of the line of scrimmage from which they can be initiated. Low blocks are illegal by any player everywhere else

Officiating crews for the 2021 season

Embed from Getty Images Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crew rosters for the 2021 NFL season. This season, there is one new official to replace 6 that retired; those hired in the second wave of hires during the 2020 offseason are being retained as permanent officials. There are also 2

3 more officials retire, now totaling 6 this offseason

Three more NFL officials have retired from the field, making a total of six officials that have retired in the 2021 off-season. Previously, Bart Longson, Tom Symonette and Ruben Fowler retired. After this weekend's mini-clinic comes news that back judge Steve Freeman, back judge Tony Steratore, and line judge Gary Arthur

Happy New Year: May 15 marks the start of the officiating season Pop the champagne and bust out the fireworks, as today, we ring in the new year. May 15 marks the first day of the NFL officials being “in season” following the offseason “dark period”, which begins after the Super Bowl. This period is provided to the officials as a way