A backward pass can be ruled forward, but wasn’t for Packers

Week 2: Packers at Falcons (video) On the opening drive of the second half, the Packers found themselves in a deep hole on the scoreboard that hinged on a judgement call that allowed a Falcons defensive touchdown to stand. With an imminent sack, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers floated a pass towards the

Ruling Texas Lutheran’s double-kicked FG good is not good

It was a field-goal attempt no longer than an extra-point try. And as Texas Lutheran found out, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The unorthodox field goal occurred when Tyler Hopkins' kick was blocked by a player from Belhaven University. The ball bounced back to Hopkins who kicked

Centralized replay flunks its first test

Commentary by Ben Austro You could say the first domino to topple was on the Cincinnati bank of the Ohio River on a cold December day in 2013. On a fourth-and-goal, Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis stumbled for the end zone, and line judge Tim Podraza scurried in with the signal --

First flag on new leaping rule is a questionable call

Week 1: Cardinals at Lions Lions defensive lineman Anthony Zettel was flagged for a leaping foul on a field goal attempt. This is part of the new rule that prohibits a player from running forward and leaping. However, Zettel is a down lineman, and the rule very specifically applies to players

NFL schedule of fines for 2017 season

The NFL fines for the 2017 season are subject to an automatic 5% increase from the previous season, according to the provision of the collective bargaining agreement with the players union and the league. Update: The NFL and NFLPA agreed to keep the minimum fines at 2016 levels, and the

NFL hires 21 full-time officials

It took only five years from the collective bargaining agreement, but the NFL now has a partial staff of full-time officials. The league announced the 21 officials who were promoted to full-time status, a list that includes at least two officials at each of the on-field positions. Full-time applicants were

Bucs-Dolphins game won’t be in Miami Sunday, but where and when?

Update 9/6. The league has announced that the Buccaneers and Dolphins will play in Miami during their regularly scheduled bye week and will not play this weekend. This is a similar scenario to when the Dolphins had a first-week bye in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew 25 years ago today. https://twitter.com/NFL345/status/905419873978900481 The