No more chains to be lost due to latest rules change

It was a silly part of a feud between cornerback Aqib Talib and Michael Crabtree, where Talib twice snatched a chain from Crabtree's neck. The NFL slipped in a rule that would have prevented this from happening again, although they were at least kind enough to wait for the year

2 officials successfully appeal offseason dismissal

Football Zebras has learned that two of the officials who left the league after the 2019 season are returning to the roster in 2020. Field judges Joe Larrew and Steve Zimmer were listed as 2 of the 9 officials that left the field following the 2019 season. As is typical at

Washington retires team name that was once a factor in officiating assignments The NFL's Washington franchise has officially retired their team name, which will take effect when a new team name is decided. In use for 87 seasons, the name controversy also had a small effect on which officials worked which games. Referee Mike Carey took issue with the team and requested to

NFL divides up leadership roles in the officiating department

Officiating administration has been undergoing a shift in the offseason, and the NFL announced its changes for management of the officiating department. Former referee Walt Anderson and former assistant coach Perry Fewell were previously announced as senior vice presidents in the officiating channel, but now there is a little more