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Week 11 referee assignments

Referee Craig Wrolstad (New Orleans Saints)
Referee Craig Wrolstad (New Orleans Saints)

Craig Wrolstad will be the referee when the Titans meet the Jaguars this Thursday. The Browns, Giants, Saints, Steelers get the last bye week of the season. Crews for John Hussey, Ron Torbert, and Bill Vinovich are off this week.

Thursday, Nov. 19

  • Titans at Jaguars NFLN — Craig Wrolstad

Sunday, Nov. 22

  • Raiders at Lions â€” Clete Blakeman
  • Colts at Falcons â€” Walt Anderson
  • Rams at Ravens â€” Tony Corrente
  • Buccaneers at Eagles â€” Brad Allen
  • Broncos at Bears â€” Pete Morelli
  • Jets at Texans â€” John Parry
  • Washington at Panthers â€” Jerome Boger
  • Cowboys at Dolphins â€” Jeff Triplette
  • Chiefs at Chargers â€” Carl Cheffers
  • Packers at Vikings â€” Walt Coleman
  • 49ers at Seahawks â€” Ed Hochuli
  • Bengals at Cardinals NBC â€” Terry McAulay

Monday, Nov. 23

  • Bills at Patriots ESPN — Gene Steratore

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16 thoughts on “Week 11 referee assignments

  1. Why is it that the home team has more penalties called against them when Walt Coleman is the referee. Of all his games this year, the home team has been penalized more often. Through ten weeks……Walt has called more penalties on the home team 9 out of 10. Coincidence????? If I can make a bet this week that is what I am betting!!!!

  2. Regarding Walt Coleman – Walt and his crew have had a fine season so far. Playoff-deserving. I just think the number of penalties on the home teams denotes that Walt and his crew do not succumb to external pressures. Compare this to egotist Gene Steratore, who loves the spotlight as getting the call right is a second priority for him.

  3. Cher boi Alex K thinks Clete Blakeman deserves better than Raiders-Lions. Granted he did have some stumbles up in Seattle last week under the bright lights of SNF and the 12th Man but had been solid gold all season up until then.

    Also definitely agree with Leory re Gene Steratore. Guy is the most overrated official in the league! Throw him out!

  4. I can’t disagree more! Gene Steratore never gets caught up with the BS, bright lights or any of that stuff. He just comes out and makes the correct calls game in and game out. Clete Blakeman is lucky he has this job.

  5. Is Craig Wrolstad being showcased for playoff games, or something bigger? He has had a large number of prime time games this year.

  6. I’ve noticed on all the lists that all the teams are listed by their mascot names except one: the Redskins. Are you bowing to the pressure?

  7. Washington has realized some things and so have the outlets. Maybe the fans should as well. I don’t like being called ‘red skinned’!

  8. What is it with the officiating of at least two of the Bronco games this season? The Bears today were not called for one single penalty! Even when they were clearly in the neutral zone in the 1st quarter resulting in a sack of Osweiler. Broncos over came this and still got a 1st down. Then calling a personal foul on TJ Ward for hitting a running Cutler (no longer a QB – how a runner), then not throwing a flag when Brock had given himself up, was on the ground and was hit. To the inconsistent calling of Pass Interference. Broncos were called 3 times. One wasn’t PI at all. Another could have just as easily been offensive PI. The other was very similar to contact in at least two instances against Bronco receivers but was not called. All happened at crucial times and resulted in a LOT of yards. There were several questionable calls in the Colts game – but the worse was a holding call on the field goal with less than a minute left in the game that effectively ended the game. I heard the Broncos sent this to the league. Totally bogus. Players on the team are starting to say out loud they think they are being unfairly targeted with some calls/non-calls. These calls make a difference in a close game. Broncos still won the game with the Bears, but it shouldn’t have been that close. Not throwing a flag on the hit on Brock resulted in a punt instead of a first down.

    And finally – I would like to see an offensive lineman called just ONCE for holding Von Miller! I literally cannot remember the last time it happened, and you know they have to hold him to anywhere near contain him!

  9. Terry MacCauley and Walt Coleman
    should step aside as it is so obvious
    they and there crew thrive on throwing
    those yellow flags.

    They take all the interest that one might
    have completely away. Let em’ play- I
    see no need to throw as many flags as
    these crews have thrown today.


  10. I’m not surprised that Walt Coleman once again called a lopsided affair against the home team. Heck, I remember him making 9 incorrect calls in a GB-MIN game back in 2002, and the league owned up to the fact.

    Why does he even still have a job in the NFL?

    His crew missed the face mask on the tackle/sack that knocked Teddy out of the game. Also did not flag the Packers for taunting/delay of game after another Teddy sack: the GB player grabbed the ball from teddy as he was lying on the turf, and turned around and spiked the ball. What the heck, Walt?

    I’m not saying the Vikings would have won with those calls, but the calling was so lopsided in the first half that the game was over by halftime. The Vikings let up too many sacks, but at least they weren’t holding all the time.

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