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Live updates: New rules proposals from NFL owners meeting


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The status of the proposals below will be updated throughout the meetings as information is released.

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Several updates from Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports in his Twitter timeline.

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Rule proposals

  • 1. Move kickoffs to 40-yd line. FAILED
  • 2. Personal fouls reviewable. FAILED
  • 3. No overtime in preseason. TABLED.
  • 4. Extend goalposts to 35 ft. PASSED
  • 5. 37-yard extra-point kicks. FAILED, but passed a trial in Week 1 and 2 of preseason for future consideration
  • 6. Add fixed cameras to boundaries. TABLED for more evaluation
  • 7. Any official’s decision can be challenged. FAILED
  • 8. Roll-up blocks on legs from side illegal. PASSED.
  • 9. Allow league office to consult on replay. PASSED.
  • 10. Recovery of ball in field of play reviewable. PASSED
  • 11. Allow clock to run after QB sack. PASSED
  • 12. Eliminate the 1-yd “pick”/”bump” zone. TABLED
  • 13. Simplify complex penalty enforcement spots. PASSED

Bylaws proposals

  • 1. Allow 3 additional active roster players for Thursday/Saturday games. TABLED
  • 2. Increase practice squad from 8 to 10. TABLED
  • 3. Allow player trades prior to start of league year. TABLED
  • 4. Have only one roster cutdown in preseason. FAILED
  • 5. Allow more than 1 player to be able to return from injured reserve. FAILED
  • 6. Allow open testing and timing for draft prospects at team sites. FAILED
  • 7. Move final roster cutdown from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. EDT. PASSED

Resolution/policy proposal

  • 1. Allow closed retractable roof to open at halftime. TABLED for future consideration.

Miscellaneous items

  • Expand playoffs to 7th seed (not a Competition Committee proposal)
  • Allow teams to charge credit card purchases of playoff tickets only after team has clinched a home game. PASSED.

2 comments for “Live updates: New rules proposals from NFL owners meeting

  1. Don Inkster
    March 25, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    For years, I have been a proponent of straightening the goal post. This would raise the crossbar and uprights and set the whole thing back a couple of yards, increasing both the distance and height. Not too drastic and the uprights and crossbar are already out of bounds.

    Kill the overtime in the exhibition (let’s call it what it really is) season.