Simplifying complex enforcements: Breaking down Proposal No. 13

2014 rule changes The Competition Committee offered up a proposal that received little discussion, and was explained by committee member Jeff Fisher in a fairly obscure manner: Basically, this Proposal Number 13 is going to simplify everything; clean it all up, make sure we don’t have any issues. [The officials] have a

Despite calls for major change, NFL makes simple tweaks to replay

2014 rule changes The 2014 replay process is going to be much the same as the process from 2013; the changes being made to the system probably will barely register with most fans. There were too many hurdles to implementing a true centralized replay system, so a simple change will allow the

7-man officiating crews wired up for 2014

Starting in 2014, all NFL officiating crews will be will be equipped with a microphone and earpiece that will enable them to communicate with each other during the game.  The NFL experimented with this technology in the 2013 preseason, as seen above with referee Ron Winter.   Several international soccer

Goalposts will grow 5 feet taller

2014 rule changes Bill Belichick and the legendary Don Shula now share an interesting and exclusive legacy. At the annual NFL owners meeting, the rule change proposal from the New England Patriots to extend the height of goalposts by five feet passed, and will apparently be implemented starting with the 2014 season. 

NFL orders crack down on taunting, offensive language

2014 Points of Emphasis In light of some high-profile on-field incidents of taunting and offensive language in the 2013 season, the NFL is instructing its officials to crack down on acts of taunting and abusive language against players and officials beginning this fall by calling unsportsmanlike conduct fouls on the offenders. It is

NFL to keep the clock rolling on QB sacks in 2014

2014 rule changes For years, the referee has signaled a quarterback sack with a whistle blast and a signal to stop the clock; however beginning with the 2014 season, the NFL will mandate that the clock keep running after a sack. Up through the 2013 season, the referee would stop the clock

Live updates: New rules proposals from NFL owners meeting

Follow Football Zebras for a comprehensive rundown of the rules proposals that are under consideration with the owners.The status of the proposals below will be updated throughout the meetings as information is released.1. Move kickoffs to 40-yd line. FAILED2. Personal fouls reviewable. FAILED3. No overtime in preseason. TABLED.4. Extend goalposts