Week 11 officiating video: That punt, that kickoff, and that loose-ball recovery

This week’s officiating video for the media from officiating vice president Dean Blandino covers what appears to be this season’s most difficult calls (video download). As we broke down on Sunday, the fourth-quarter punt return by the Lions was negated by a replay of a Cardinals possession at the goal line.

Images from Week 11

Courtesy of team photographers (Click on an image in this set to open as slides.) Courtesy of Getty Images Back judge Terrence Miles: #459081128 / gettyimages.com Field judge Eugene Hall: #459081136 / gettyimages.com Eugene Hall: #459081140 / gettyimages.com Referee Jeff Triplette: #459088236 / gettyimages.com Back judge Rich Martinez: #458983080 / gettyimages.com

Quick calls: Week 11

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