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Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII liveblog: Chiefs vs. Eagles

We are covering Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona



Follow us here through the game for our live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of today’s Super Bowl from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.

Carl Cheffers is the referee for Super Bowl LVII, his third Super Bowl in 7 years. His all-star crew, with alternates shown in shaded rows, includes:

      Yrs 2022 crew College Occupation Prev. Postseason Prev. SB
R 51 Carl Cheffers 23   California-Irvine sales manager 5 WC, 7 DIV, 3 CC LI, LV
U 81 Roy Ellison 20 Hill Savannah State IT engineer 4 WC, 6 DIV, 4 CC XLIII, LII
DJ 6 Jerod Phillips 7 Martin Northeastern State elementary school teacher 2 WC, 3 DIV, 2 CC  
LJ 32 Jeff Bergman 30 Kemp Robert Morris president and chief executive officer, medical services 8 WC, 10 DIV, 3 WC XXXI, LIII
FJ 117 John Jenkins 9 Kemp St. Mary’s sales executive 1 WC, 3 DIV *
SJ 103 Eugene Hall 9 Cheffers North Texas federal agent 3 WC, 4 DIV, 3 CC LIII, LV
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 17 Smith Aquinas College educator 2 WC, 10 DIV, 2 CC XLVII, LV
RO   Mark Butterworth 6 Vinovich Walsh non-profit COO 2 WC, 1 DIV, 2 CC  
RA   Frank Szczepanik FB Ops Barry NFL sr. coordinator of officiating special projects (replay command center) 0  
ALT R John Hussey 21   Idaho State nonprofit CEO 6 WC, 5 DIV, 4 CC XLV
ALT U Ramon George 7 Novak Lenoir-Rhyne financial underwriter 2 WC, 1 DIV, 2 CC  
ALT DJ David Oliver 6 Hill Baker information systems manager 1 WC, 3 DIV *
ALT LJ Tim Podraza 15 Torbert Nebraska business performance consultant 7 WC, 2 DIV, 2 CC  
ALT FJ Terry Brown 17 Blakeman Tennessee court director 5 WC, 4 DIV, 1 CC  
ALT SJ Boris Cheek 27 Allen Morgan State retired director of operations and management 6 WC, 6 DIV, 4 CC XLII, 50, LIV
ALT BJ Perry Paganelli 25 Blakeman Hope College retired high school administrator 7 WC, 9 DIV, 6 CC XLI, LII
ALT RO Tyler Cerimeli 5 Hochuli Arizona State high school officials coordinator 1 WC, 2 DIV  

Previous playoff experience for on-field officials includes a 2022 Divisional Playoff game.

*First year of eligibility. retiring official.

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Image: Designed by Ben Austro; Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images / John Martinez Pavliga

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