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Wild Card liveblog: Seahawks at Cowboys

2018 NFC Wild Card Playoff

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the NFC Wild Card Playoff game from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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Today’s crew is headed by Walt Anderson.

         Yrs 2018 crew College Occupation
R 66 Walt Anderson 23    Texas former college officiating coordinator, retired dentist*
U 124 Carl Paganelli 19 Anderson Michigan State retired federal probation officer*
DJ 24 David Oliver 2 Parry Baker information systems manager
LJ 108 Gary Arthur 22 Cheffers Wright State president, commercial printing company
FJ 43 Terry Brown 13 Anderson Tennessee probation supervisor
SJ 29 Adrian Hill 9 Wrolstad Buffalo software engineer
BJ 93 Scott Helverson 16 Wrolstad Iowa sales, printing and promotions

*indicates full-time official

  • Replay official:  Jimmy Oldham
  • Replay assistant:  Roddy Ames
  • Alternates:  Carl Cheffers (R), Bart Longson (LJ), Mearl Robinson (FJ)

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3 thoughts on “Wild Card liveblog: Seahawks at Cowboys

  1. The HOU-IND and a few games in the regular season had the same miss, maybe positioning or keying may need to be examined in the off season. It’s a huge safety and game changing call.

  2. Wow…way to prop up the refs. Now how about we look at all the blown calls by these Cowboys vs. Seahawks refs. There were at least 5 hands to the face, 3 facemasks, 7 PI’s, numerous holds on the offensive line. Why not look at those??? I’ll just give you an example, the non PI call at the goal line that lead to a Dak interception, whereas the refs call PI not long after on a play that was much more nuanced. A call mind you that kept the chains moving for Dallas. There was absolutely NO consistency with these refs. NONE! And I’m a Cowboys fan mind you.

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