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Divisional Playoffs liveblog: Jaguars at Steelers

2017 AFC Divisional  Playoff

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the AFC Divisional  Playoff game from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

If you have any questions or comments, use the comments section of this post, or tweet us @footballzebras.

Today’s crew is headed by Brad Allen.


         Yrs 2017 crew College Occupation
R 122 Brad Allen 4    Pembroke State non-profit CEO*
U 20 Barry Anderson 11 Wrolstad North Carolina State builder/developer*
DJ 91 Jerry Bergman 16 McAulay Robert Morris sales executive
LJ 10 Julian Mapp 9 Wrolstad Grambling State project leader
FJ 73 Joe Larrew 16 Blakeman St Louis attorney
SJ 87 Walt Coleman IV 3 Boger Southern Methodist financial advisor
BJ 93 Scott Helverson 15 Hochuli Iowa sales, printing and promotions*

*indicates full-time official

  • Replay:  Jim Lapetina
  • Alternates:  
    • Walt Anderson (R)
    • Carl Johnson (LJ)
    • Greg Steed (BJ)

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7 thoughts on “Divisional Playoffs liveblog: Jaguars at Steelers

  1. Yes, let’s ignore all of the offensive holds and throw a flag for defensive holding on a running play. Shameful.

  2. Don’t say “in actuality” like he didn’t shove him.

    Sure, he sold it, but that was a full arm extension from Ramsey. He wasn’t merely blocked into him.

  3. Officials letting the Jaguars get away with murder in pass coverage, unfortunately affecting the scoreline.

  4. Which official threw the flag on Telvin Smith for taunting?

    That official should be terminated.

    Let them play. Your job is not to determine the outcome of the game.

  5. The Jaguars got away with a lot of holding and pass interference all game.

    The defensive holding penalty that was called on a Jaguars run play, whether correct or not, should have been offset by the holding on Jacksonville.

    The missed hold on 4th down was a game-changer, and unfortunately decided the outcome.

    It’s unfortunate that the better team, and the better team today, wasn’t quite able to overcome the officiating as well. Admittedly there were some questionable coaching decisions, such as the onside kick, some 4th down playcalling, etc, but the missed calls were bigger.

  6. I believe there is another scenario where the last-second onside kick could work for the Steelers. If a Jaguar POSSESSED the ball and fumbled, a Steeler player could recover, advance the ball, and score (since it would no longer be a kick).

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