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Officiating video: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron released the week 14 officiating video (below). In it, he covered field administration and maintenance, 10-second runoff inside 2 minutes, and a forward fumbles.

Field administration. We covered the issue of the snow covered field and how that affects certain rules in our week 14 live blog, but briefly, only the players on the field may clear an area for the kicker prior to the snap, no one from the sidelines and no one from the grounds crew.

10-second runoff. In a play from the Vikings at Panthers game, Vikings quarterback Case Keenum threw the ball as he was tackled and it was initially ruled an incomplete pass. Replay showed that he his shin was down prior to releasing the ball and the play was reversed to down by contact. This reverts back to a running clock in which a 10-second runoff of the clock is also issued. This can be negated by either team with a timeout.  

Fumble forward out of bounds. In the Ravens at Steelers game, Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco fumbled the ball forward out of bounds with 8 seconds remaining in the game. At any point in the game, the ball is re-spotted at the spot of the fumble rather than where it goes out of bounds. Since the ball reverted to an inbounds spot, the clock started when the ball was ready for play. The Ravens did not realize this, and the remaining time elapsed.

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