Officiating video: letting fumbles play out, unsportsmanlike substitution tactics, roughing the passer, and use of the helmet

In this week's media tape, senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron has highlighted more plays from last week, including reviewing a fumble that was let play out on the field, fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct for using deceitful substitution tactics, roughing the passer fouls, and fouls for use of the

Week 4 officiating field report

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Week 4 referee assignments

Embed from Getty Images Clay Martin will be the referee for Thursday Night Football this week at Lambeau Field as the Eagles face off against the Packers. Clete Blakeman and Jerome Boger are off this week. Scheduled assignments are subject to unannounced changes. Thursday, Sep. 26 Eagles at Packers  NFLN  —  Clay Martin Sunday, Sep.