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Week 5 referee assignments

Carl Cheffers leads his crew on the Thursday night game in Santa Clara, Calif.

Brad Allen, Walt Anderson, and Jerome Boger have the week off, and the Jaguars, Chiefs, Saints, and Seahawks have a bye.

Thursday, Oct. 6

  • Cardinals at 49ers   CBS  NFLN       â€”   Carl Cheffers

Sunday, Oct. 9

  • Washington at Ravens   â€”   Ron Torbert
  • Patriots at Browns   â€”   Bill Vinovich
  • Eagles at Lions   â€”   Pete Morelli
  • Bears at Colts   â€”   John Hussey
  • Titans at Dolphins   â€”   Craig Wrolstad
  • Texans at Vikings   â€”   Jeff Triplette
  • Jets at Steelers   â€”   John Parry
  • Falcons at Broncos   â€”   Terry McAulay
  • Bengals at Cowboys   â€”   Tony Corrente
  • Bills at Rams   â€”   Walt Coleman
  • Chargers at Raiders   â€”   Gene Steratore
  • Giants at Packers   NBC   â€”   Ed Hochuli

Monday, Oct. 10

  • Buccaneers at Panthers   ESPN   â€”   Clete Blakeman
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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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8 thoughts on “Week 5 referee assignments

  1. It matters! It is time we stopped letting imbeciles who bow at the alter of the politically correct thought police tell us what to do.

    The war on our culture by the social justice warriors is unrelenting. You must accept this and fight back.

    REDSKINS. Ordinarily, I hate the REDSKINS…. But now I say HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.

    Oh and why do the PC police ignore the Chiefs or Cleveland Indians?

  2. yuck! stuck with elmer fudd in detroit and the feminist idiot in minnesota. just god awful officiating to see this week.

  3. What’s black & white & red all over?

    A: You, after you’ve been beaten by the thought police officials ~ lol

  4. calling sarah thomas an nfl caliber official is like calling the cleveland browns an nfl caliber team. only thing worse than those 2 is espn always trotting out racists (jenny hill) and feminists (that little boy kate fagan).

    then again if you put sarah thomas on the crew of a competent referee, perhaps she might be better than she is.

  5. Terry McAulay and his crew completely bombed their officiating at the Broncos vs Falcons game today. They kept placing penalties against the Broncos which either shouldn’t have bene made or were VERY questionable and allowed the Falcons to break the rules at the same time.

    Shame on you, McAulay Crew! You deserve a suspension for this!

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