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Quick calls: Week 15

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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14 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 15

  1. I sure they were either correct calls, or calls made in real time, or calls that were wrong but didn’t affect the outcome of the game so they can be disregarded.

  2. Was the Jennings run not blown dead before the fumble/recovery? Could have sworn ref blew whistle.

  3. Do you think there should have been a pass interference on Revis during the hail mary at the end of the Jets/Cowboys game?

  4. At the end of the half in Oakland, officials refused to let Green Bay use a timeout with seconds left on the clock for unknown reasons. GB had the timeout available and was not trying to call consecutive timeouts.

  5. A second question about the illegal shift on the Jets last night.
    That was well within 2 minutes. Shouldn’t there have been a runoff?

  6. I would also like to get feedback on the timeout that Rodgers tried to call with 1-2 seconds left in the first half and where the officials ignored him.

  7. A few more close calls during Steelers/Broncos:

    Should there have been a hold on Heath Miller on the Steelers’ 1&10 from the 42 at ~31 seconds left in the second quarter?

    Pittsburgh 3&5 on their own ~49 with 11:38 left in the 3rd. Do you think there should have been a pass interference or hold on Bradley Roby?

    Do you think the pass interference call on Chris Harris at ~7:25 in the 3rd was a good call?

    Do you think the roughing the passer at about 13:35 in the 4th on Malik Jackson was a good call?

  8. The Steelers in a scrum? What a surprise? They continue to start fights every week instead of playing football and the NFL continues to look the other way.

  9. i don’t know how it wasn’t pass interference, it is not about how hard you hit him, but the fact that contact took him out of the play, that is the second time this has happened with a no call and ‘may’ have cost the cowboys the game….

  10. I would also like to know the answers to Howies questions. I believe the Steelers benifitted from some VERY one sided officiating in the second half.

  11. How come Cassel’s interception was flagged for intentional grounding? It goes directly over McFadden’s head.

    3 years ago on this site, Ben Austro said:

    “Catchable is not a criteria. Only that there is a receiver in the area (when the QB is in the pocket). Even if it goes over the receiver’s head by a mile, it went in the direction of the receiver.”

    By that definition, Cassel’s pass in clearly in McFadden’s direction. I actually don’t care about this specific instance, but the written rule and it’s interpretation seem to differ wildly and is not called in a consistent manner.

  12. As per the question about retirements, my info. tells me that Bob Waggoner is MERCIFULLY retiring after this season.

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