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Week 3 referee assignments

Second-year referee Ron Torbert will have the Thursday night game in the Meadowlands. Brad Allen’s crew has the week off.

Thursday, Sept. 24

  • Washington at Giants CBS NFLN — Ron Torbert

Sunday, Sept. 27

  • Bengals at Ravens — Walt Anderson
  • Saints at Panthers — Ed Hochuli
  • Raiders at Browns — Clete Blakeman
  • Falcons at Cowboys — Pete Morelli
  • Buccaneers at Texans — Bill Vinovich
  • Chargers at Vikings — Terry McAulay
  • Jaguars at Patriots — Walt Coleman
  • Eagles at Jets — Gene Steratore
  • Steelers at Rams — John Hussey
  • Colts at Titans — Craig Wrolstad
  • 49ers at Cardinals — Tony Corrente
  • Bills at Dolphins — Jerome Boger
  • Bears at Seahawks — Carl Cheffers
  • Broncos at Lions NBC — Jeff Triplette

Monday, Sept. 28

  • Chiefs at Packers ESPN — John Parry
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22 thoughts on “Week 3 referee assignments

  1. 2nd national game in 3 weeks for Cheffers. Could Steratore have some company in the race for Super Bowl 50?

  2. Hopefully Jeff Triplett, Ed Hoculi, and Jeff Triplett will stay away from Seattle Seahawks games for rest of the regular season as they have been bad luck to the team w/ each of them officiating. Will see if they can do some games involving the Patriots instead to keep an eye on the deflated football.

  3. Gene Steratore should already have been given a SB, but at least he made the right call on the catch/no catch in Green Bay….SB 50 is a must for him

  4. Agree John! Clete Blakeman is one of the finest officials in the game. His explanations at the end of the Panthers-Texans game last week clarifying the intentional grounding penalty on Mallett were accurate, concise and delivered with authority. Surely a front-runner for SB50 at this point.

  5. Steelers at Rams is a big spot for John Hussey. Blandino must like what he has seen from the rookie’s early assignments thus far

  6. Hopefully the NFL will realize how bad Gene Steratore actually is. He hasn’t been named to a Super Bowl because he hasn’t deserved it. That should continue.

  7. Sorry. Been sleeping for 25 years. Who are these new guys and gal? I love this forum keep up the good info.

  8. Billion dollar game. Food stamp officials. Wow. Terrible tonight, but it is what we have come to expect with union officials. Opening Washington drive, incorrect illegal pick call brings back huge Washington gain. Two plays later, roughing the kicker is called running into the kicker. Incorrect call. Plant leg hit. Should have been Washington first down. Instead? Re-kick and blocked punt for a safety. Marginal holds called both ways. A huge incorrect ICT. Then, how the heck does LJ 84 look right at a ball that skipped a yard on the ground, yet he permits Washington 23 to scoop it up on an interception and return it 30 yards. Reversed of course but how the f do you miss seeing that? Oh well, he won’t get fired. They will just move him deep like they do to all the LOS officials who screw up on the LOS. Move ‘em deep where they only have to watch one player. Only good call all night was the Washington back fumbling at the one as he went into EZ on 4th down. LJ 84 made a good call. Maybe this will save him from being moved deep next season. Then, we have Washington receiver’s knee down before ball broke plane. Not a TD. Replay DOES NOT REVERSE! Are you kidding me? Oh. Sorry. Replay officials used to be incompetent on field officials. It never ends. Then, NYG coach throws flag. He had an absolute right to be upset but lost a time out instead. At least the Food Stamp crew got it correct here. Then, Washington onside kick touched by NYG before squirting OOB. Washington penalized for kick OOB. Are you kidding me? Oh well, it is what we expect. No account union officials. Terrible.

  9. On a Free Kick, a ball touched inbounds by the receiver but not in player control or not changing direction (i.e. a new “force”) the kick is still what cause the ball to go OOB, so the flag was correct.

  10. the reffing this year has been embarrassing all around the league. So frustrating to see them put your team behind on a big play and then immediately come back w/ a lousy call that is so clearly a make up but is meaningless in comparison to blown call in important spot. Last night there was an illegal contact call made after an extended zebra conference. They clearly couldn’t make up there mind on the call and head ref didn’t have the kahonas to pick-up the flag which was so obviously the right call. Sure enough came back next play w/ a make-up in Washington’s favour that meant nothing at that point. These guys know they have such a HUGE effect on the result and entertainment of any given game or are they ignorant to it? Quality of reffing this year is simply embarrassing league wide.

  11. AG & food stamps: normally I won’t respond to negative post from someone who has obviously never worn a striped shirt but today is your lucky day…..until you have stepped on the sideline you have no idea how fast paced these games really are. These are best athletes competing at the highest level of competition. Spend a week with any NFL or NCAA referee and you’ll get a whole new perspective of how well the games are officiated. It’s much more than showing up at the stadium 3 hours prior to kickoff. Ask one of us in this forum and we can recommend one of the many outstanding state and local high school training associations where you can learn the intricate details of how to better officiate a game. This will give you a better perspective before you berate someone or something that you do not understand. Until then good luck playing on draft

  12. When you have been officiating for as long as these guys have, there’s no excuse to make the amount of bad calls that they make. You don’t need have worn a zebra uniform to understand that. There’s an old saying in life – when you’re not sure, don’t do……as in throwing flags. If you’re not 100% sure, keep the flag in you’re pocket. Most bad calls are clearly obvious that they’re bad. They want the ratings to work the post season and make extra $$$$. The games aren’t that fast paced.

  13. Triplette shouldn’t still even be a ref given the amount of times he’s botched up stuff that the league has had to apologize for.

  14. Mike, you should stick to your Pop Warner game. There is no “force” in the NFL rule book. Rather, the word is “impetus.” In any event, force or impetus (NFL terminology) deals with the goal line. Not the sideline. And in the NFL, when R is last to touch the ball on a free kick before it goes OOB, R gains possession of the ball at the OOB spot. Not a penalty and a re-kick. Go check section – never mind, look it up yourself, which states (duh) that the kicking team may not kick the ball out of bounds or be the last to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds between the goal lines. However, if the receiving team is the last to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds, the receiving team puts the ball in play at the inbounds spot. Thus, another IC Thursday night. One of many we saw this weekend, including replay. And I don’t buy Dean’s view of the messed up call in Seattle on the punt. The video evidence was there to reverse the call on the field that nobody on the field saw (geez why not?)but should have seen. Stick to your Pop Warner ball, Mike. Stripes? I’ve worked the top level of this game (as have a few of the posters on this site whom I know and who must remain anonymous, for obvious reasons). News flash – for the past five or six years, (even longer, perhaps but more so in recent years) being the best at what you do in the college game is absolutely not a requirement to work in the NFL. Two of the hires in the past two seasons (MP & JM) are superb officials and deserved the hire, but many others did not, such as WCJr, ST, AK & SH to name a few). And Stripes? Agreed. The players are faster as you move up. What you failed to mention (because you clearly haven’t worked these levels) is that the fastest game (and hardest game to officiate) is arena football. You do that successfully? You can work anywhere. Working the NFL is not difficult at all, for one who knows WTF he is doing and knows how to work a football game. The speed is great, but the officiating game at this level is all angles and positioning which reduce the speed impact in covering the game. Just make sure your head is on a swivel. Some of us old vets who have been there are simply disgusted with the rampant incompetence we see out there every single Sunday, and choose to comment anonymously. The current officiating is simply not what it used to be. It is a disgrace, which starts out with the union mindset that is destroying this country. No accountability. We see it every Sunday. LOL, as we used to say (and it seems to hold true currently with the movement we see as far as positioning is concerned) screw up on the LOS? That’s okay, we will move you deep next season. The league will not get rid of officials. They just move them deep. Any top level official will tell you the short wings are the most difficult positions to work. Screw up here in the NFL and you will just get moved deep. Wait and see where the woman is, in two seasons. All-Star crews in the playoffs? LOL. In my day, finish ranked #12 and you went to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. The guy at # 11 who was stuck in the wild card game in Chicago in the dead of winter thought “Man, if I screwed up one more call I’d have finished 12 and been going to Hawaii!” One of these days I may write a book and give a real perspective from the inside. Most of the brown nosers on this site who have never advanced past high school football will never get it. They are star struck and don’t get that the officials are not stars, and need to be invisible. Ego check, Eddie! I retired prior to 2010 but I will add this. Many of those guys who sacrificed their collegiate officiating careers a few seasons ago, at least half from what I saw, were as good or better than the guys we see out there every Sunday? Why? They had to be. Or they were fired. Despite the bashing on this site of those guys, as one who has been there albeit many years ago? I give them credit and most of then were excellent, once the clowns were weeded out in the pre-season. I knew a few of them, and they were excellent at their craft – what we used to call “NFL Quality.” The sad thing for the fans is that there were a few crews who had no business working at this level, but were permitted to slip though the cracks just to ensure someone’s two sons would get their jobs back. Thanks to that horrendous call on that Monday night game in Seattle, the two sons got their jobs back. Dad, of course, lost his recently…but that’s another chapter in the book.

  15. AWESOME, Crusty Vet. I am VERY good friends with a former replacement, and he was told by the head recruiter AND the VP of officiating that he was good enough to work in the NFL if not for the union’s politics. And the highest level he had worked the prior 14 years of college and (at that time) 18 years of HS was D3 college. Why? Because of the arrogant supervisors (one former and one current NFL official). How did he get so good? Working the craft, watching film, studying the rules, and knowing his positioning. There is a reason he and his crew worked 2 of the first 3 top games on national tv of 2012.

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