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Week 15 referee assignments

Terry McAulay has the Sunday night game. Brad Allen and a few members crew are off this week (most are filling in for vacancies and injuries).

Thursday, Dec. 11

  • Cardinals at Rams NFLN — Walt Coleman

Sunday, Dec. 14

  • Steelers at Falcons — Clete Blakeman
  • Washington at Giants — Jeff Triplette
  • Dolphins at Patriots — Bill Vinovich
  • Raiders at Chiefs — Jerome Boger
  • Texans at Colts — Gene Steratore
  • Jaguars at Ravens — Tony Corrente
  • Packers at Bills — Bill Leavy
  • Buccaneers at Panthers — Ronald Torbert
  • Bengals at Browns — Walt Anderson
  • Vikings at Lions — Pete Morelli
  • Jets at Titans — John Parry
  • Broncos at Chargers — Craig Wrolstad
  • 49ers at Seahawks — Ed Hochuli
  • Cowboys at Eagles NBC — Terry McAulay

Monday, Dec. 15

  • Saints at Bears ESPN — Carl Cheffers
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18 thoughts on “Week 15 referee assignments

  1. Funny it’s week 15 and not one of the three new refs have worked an Eagles game this year. Not that I really care, just an observation. Can teams request not to have rookie crews? Just curious…..

  2. just curious why the league hates walt anderson and doesn’t give him any national games yet chaffers and milk dud get many. sick of milk dud and elmer fudd as those 2 refs need to be fired.

  3. Not a fan of Jeff Triplette. He always seems to screw the Redskins. There’s many past examples. Hopefully there won’t be another one.

  4. This week’s schedule coming out tonight? Clete Blakeman and his crew have tonight’s Titans/Jags game…

  5. Wow holy shot #110 needs to learn basic reffijg he called incomplete then pick. Horrible horrible call each of u asshikes who made money off of lance easley shouls pay it back as you validate his calla every week.

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