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Week 11 referee assignments

Brad Allen

Brad Allen is the referee for his first career Monday night game. The crews headed by Clete Blakeman, Terry McAulay, and John Parry are off this week. Note that the Eagles-Packers has been moved to late afternoon, and Vikings-Bears will be cross-flexed to air on CBS.

Thursday, Nov. 13

  • Bills at Dolphins NFLN — Walt Coleman

Sunday, Nov. 16

    Vikings at Bears — Ronald Torbert

  • Texans at Browns — Ed Hochuli

  • Seahawks at Chiefs — Bill Leavy

  • Falcons at Panthers — Walt Anderson

  • Bengals at Saints — Craig Wrolstad

  • Eagles at Packers — Carl Cheffers

  • Buccaneers at Washington — Bill Vinovich

  • Broncos at Rams — Tony Corrente

  • 49ers at Giants — Gene Steratore

  • Raiders at Chargers — Jeff Triplette

  • Lions at Cardinals — Jerome Boger

  • Patriots at Colts NBC — Pete Morelli

Monday, Nov. 17

  • Steelers at Titans ESPN — Brad Allen

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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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15 thoughts on “Week 11 referee assignments

  1. How hard it is just to change the name? Racism is racism, no matter how insignificant you may think it is. I applaud the owner of this blog.

  2. So, thoughts on the intentional grounding call?

    Oh, and, if you think its too “PC” to not say Washington’s team name, you are hypocrite. Why is you version of “PC” where you call out people for having an opinion about what is racist any better? The whole concept of labeling things as too PC is just a different kind of PC.

  3. No one ever responded to my post from a few weeks ago. I believe Jim Thorpe, an Indian himself, gave the Redskins their name. Any confirmation??

  4. Amazing all of these decades later, no one ever had a problem calling them by their team name. Now it’s not correct anymore? Like it or not it is their team name. Hey I’m a white skin – so what? I can think of a lot worse names to say for even my race. The Indians are upset because of how this country treated them and raped their land we now live in. The name part is irrelevant….

  5. In response to your the Jim Thorpe comment, you are incorrect. The name of the team came from the owners of the time were too lazy and racist to come up with another nickname to differenate themselves from another team’s nickname. The name of team has always been an issue, the dominate society is just now listening. How you choose to describe yourself is your opinion. You do not speak for everyone. Are you not proud of your cultural identity? I’m sure you are. If the name is irrelevant then why cant they change it? All NFL teams profit from the mechanising and licensing of the team’s appeal, so they are all guilty of condoning this team’s nickname. Lastly, this multi-Billion dollar industry has recently taken several stances against a variety of social issues because they realize the power of their institution. This is no different.

  6. Also its not politically correct or “PC”. Its about doing what is right. I assure you that changing the name WILL NOT hurt the game or industry. This multi-billion dollar industry will not go broke. They can use the money they receive from their “so-called fans” purchasing new appeal to build a better team.

  7. It’s not about money Dave. It’s about standing up to absurd, random politically correct bullies who pluck one of a million things that we could be offended at just too see how many rubes will follow their random whims. In this particular case of of the footballzebras and many others, it’s presents the latest opportunity for these insecure people to shout to the world, “See world, I truly care about the oppressed! I’m a good person, dont you see? I care!”. That’s all it is. They do not truly care about the issue now and never have. Political correctness and the zombies (or zebras) who follow the crowd on these flavor-of-the-week PC exercises are just playing out a post-high-school version of trying to be cool; except when you get to our age it’s a competition on who can put the absolute best fake-face on trying to look like they care about people via idle, pointless expressions like deleting the name “Redskins”.

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