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NFL may have to change the way it appoints referees

Vital proving grounds for white hat candidates no longer exist Commentary by Mark Schultz The NFL could be having a white hat problem in the next few years.  Several referees have put in 20 or more years of service, meaning … Continue reading

4 historic facts related to this year’s Super Bowl crew

I enjoy historic aspects of NFL officiating and as we get ready to zebra watch in Super Bowl XLVIII here are some interesting nuggets regarding officiating in the Super Bowl. Field judge Scott Steenson sets the record for most years … Continue reading

No rule to help home team on fan’s whistle

49ers at Seahawks (video/audio) Early in the game, the Seahawks fell victim to a fan who blew a whistle in the crowd — their own home crowd. Some of the Seahawks linemen looked genuinely confused, as they believed it was … Continue reading

35 years ago: Holy Roller play revises rules

September 10, 1978: Raiders at Chargers Ken Stabler deliberately (his own admission) fumbled the ball forward, and carnival-like antics by the Raiders propelled the ball towards a game-winning touchdown at the end of the game. The next offseason, such an … Continue reading

5-time Super Bowl line judge Beeks dies

Bob Beeks 1927–2012 Bob Beeks died on December 26, 2012, as reported by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  He died on his 85th birthday.  According to his family, he suffered an apparent heart attack.  Beeks was a NFL line judge from … Continue reading

Whistle while you work, NFL referee style

This season has seen three inadvertent whistles (IW) being blown by the officials, with the latest being this past week in the game between the Raiders and Bengals. NFL officials, and officials at all levels, have various tricks of the … Continue reading

An open referee microphone is an ever present danger

In 1975 the NFL decided to put a wireless microphone on the referee, so the fans at the game and on TV could better understand what was going on down on the field.  What started as an experiment with bare-bones … Continue reading

Shortened season puts pressure on NFL officials to get playoff assignment

We are already at Week 7 of the NFL season and many teams now know if they are contenders or pretenders for the Super Bowl crown.  The pressure is also on the officials to contend for a prestigious playoff assignment … Continue reading

Who are the next white hats?

The NFL officiating staff is heavy on experience which is great news.  The flip side to this is that we will be seeing a higher than average number of officials retiring in the next one to three years. While there … Continue reading

Suh a turkey after stuffing foot at OL; McAuley DQs 2 on Thanksgiving

By now, you have heard that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was ejected Thursday for stepping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith (video). Of course, Suh says he shouldn’t have been tossed, because his foot was tangled with Dietrich-Smith (although … Continue reading