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Blandino at officiating clinic: catch is the same rule, same outcome

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NFL Referees at their pre season "Officiating Clinic" here in Texas — Ben Murphy (@benmurphytv) July 15, 2016 As officials settled into their annual clinic in Dallas, senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino addressed the topic we’re both sick of and engrossed with: the process of the catch. The goal for fans and officials alike remains simply…

6 keys for the 2014 season

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It is time. Clinic attended, check.  Rules test taken, check. Camps visited, check. Preseason games officiated, check. It is time for the 2014 NFL season.  Just as officials have keys to read on every play, I’m going to be keying in on five things as I zebra-watch from now until the confetti flies after Super…