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Week 12 ‘Official Review’: Turkey Day replay, 4th & 29 measure, quick whistle

video 1 (streaming) | video 2 (streaming) | video 3 (222 MB download) Busy, busy Week 12 in officiating, so let’s look at what the officiating department is discussing for “Official Review.” NFL director of officiating and head of instant … Continue reading

After further review, LJ blew inadvertent whistle, but admitted it to offended coach

We are examining the video of the inadvertent whistle from the Raiders-Bengals game, and have confirmed that the line judge was responsible for terminating the play. Because the highlight video on does not clearly illustrate the inadvertent whistle, we have … Continue reading

Officiating experts break down Week 12 calls

Pereira and Daopoulos analyze the officials Former NFL vice president of officiating and current Fox Sports officiating expert Mike Pereira and former NFL supervisor and current NBC Sports Network officiating expert Jim Daopoulos had many situations to explain during their … Continue reading

Inadvertent whistle play should have been blown dead before it was blown dead

Week 12: Raiders at Bengals (video at 2:50) On a 3rd-and-6, the Bengals completed a five-yard pass which was immediately fumbled near the sideline. The Raiders managed to keep the ball from going out of bounds by batting the ball … Continue reading

Quick calls: Week 12

Did you see a call that needs explanation? Did the officials get something wrong? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. We will update this post with our observations.

Microphone is ref’s friend for no-sense rules

It elicits snickers from football fans when it happens, and it sometimes trends on Twitter. Referee Ed Hochuli turns on his microphone to explain a ruling, and some fans joke that it is NFL open mic night. An example from … Continue reading

Revoked replay review result of repeated rulebook revisions

Week 12: Texans at Lions (video) It’s said that the penalty should fit the crime, but because of a continuously revised rulebook, a pair of rules that once made sense had combined into a seemingly harsh penalty. The rule is … Continue reading

Raiders 4-for-4 on coach’s challenges, Giants have not thrown red flag this year

Each team now has ten games on the record books, and the Raiders have shown a shrewd success in coach’s challenges this season. Coach Dennis Allen has challenged four plays this season and was correct on every one of them. … Continue reading

Week 12 referee assignments

This week, Carl Cheffers and Bill Vinovich are off. Head linesman George Hayward (calf) on Bill Leavy’s crew and Kirk Dornan (plantar fasciitis) on Mike Carey’s crew are both out with injuries. Most officiating assignments have been verified through Thursday, Nov. 22 … Continue reading