Former NFL umpire John Keck dies at 83

View image |  John Keck, 1931-2015 John Keck, a 25-year NFL officiating veteran passed away on May 5 from complications of Alzheimer's disease. He was 83. Keck wore number 67 and was an umpire in the NFL from 1972 to 1996. Keck got started in officiating at the encouragement of his father-in-law.

Former NFL official Sid Semon passes away

Sid Semon, 1935 - 2014 Former NFL head linesman Sid Semon has died.  According to his obituary, Mr. Semon died this past July 15 at the age of 78. Semon attended USC and played baseball for the school.  After college, he taught high school science in the Los Angeles area for 35-years

Former NFL official Gerald Hart passes away

Gerald E. Hart 1931-2014 Former NFL official Gerald Hart has passed away as reported by Ed Bouchette in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  He was 83. Hart, a native of New York, played football at West Point and Notre Dame.  He took up officiating after his playing career was over and joined the AFL

Former NFL referee and officiating supervisor, Jerry Seeman, dies at 77

Former HL, LJ, R worked two Super Bowls Jerry Seeman 1936-2013 Former referee and officiating supervisor, Jerry Seeman, died Sunday night, a half hour before his son, NFL line judge Jeff Seeman, (#45) worked the Broncos-Patriots Sunday Night Football game.  Jeff Seeman was informed of his father's death after the ball game. According to

5-time Super Bowl line judge Beeks dies

Bob Beeks 1927–2012 Bob Beeks died on December 26, 2012, as reported by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  He died on his 85th birthday.  According to his family, he suffered an apparent heart attack.  Beeks was a NFL line judge from 1968 to 1989.  He wore uniform number 59 for most of