6 officiating things I’m watching in the 2020 NFL season

It's here. I never thought it would get here. Despite the 2020 covid-19 pandemic, we will start the 2020 NFL season Thursday.  Here is what I'm looking for as I zebra-watch this season. 1. What will the officials do to protect themselves? I have already stated my concerns about how officials can properly

The science of building good NFL crews

Embed from Getty Images   As NFL officials prepare for their mini-clinic in May, the NFL officiating office is building 17 officiating crews. Exiting senior vice president for officiating Dean Blandino will oversee the rest of the offseason (which ends May 15 for officials), so he has a say in the crew

Back to basics: The foundation of good officiating

View image | gettyimages.com The individual and collective psyche of NFL officials may be shaken after several rough games in the 2015 season. There are a few techniques that officials can use to help break out of real or perceived slump. One of the best techniques is getting back to the

Super Bowl officials will work divisional playoff games

View image | gettyimages.com The Divisional Playoff officiating assignments bear close watching, as we can confirm that the Super Bowl XLIX officials will be assigned a divisional playoff game.  The Super Bowl officials will be the only officials assigned to two postseason games. It used to be that Super Bowl officials came

The final push to the playoffs

What crews look good to extend their season? The last quarter of the NFL regular season has started (didn't training camps open two weeks ago?).  As teams make a final push to secure a coveted post season berth the officials also are making a push to nail down a prestigious playoff