Images from Week 13

Courtesy of team photographers (Click on any photo in this set to open as slides.) Courtesy of Getty Images Referee Walt Anderson: #459750908 / Referee Pete Morelli: #459853156 / Field judge Gary Cavaletto discusses a call with Pete Carroll: #459771340 / Head linesman George Hayward, line judge Jeff Seeman, and referee Tony Corrente exchange pre-game pleasantries

Quick calls: Week 13

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Week 13 referee assignments

Carl Cheffers crew has the week off. // Thursday, Nov. 27 Bears at Lions CBS -- Bill Vinovich Eagles at Cowboys FOX -- Clete Blakeman Seahawks at 49ers NBC -- Tony Corrente Sunday, Nov. 30 Washington at Colts -- John Parry Titans at Texans -- Jeff Triplette Browns at Bills -- Jerome Boger Chargers at Ravens -- Walt