‘Official Review’ catch-up

[Editor's note: We have not been posting recaps of the NFL Network segment "Official Review," because it appeared that they were not posted online. For some reason, when searching for "Official Review" (as well as "Carl Johnson" and "Dean Blandino") on NFL.com, it did not return any results after Week

49ers dispute Kaepernick grounding, safety

Week 13: 49ers at Rams On a pass from his end zone, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw an incomplete pass toward the line of scrimmage, but out of bounds. Referee Carl Cheffers, after consulting with head linesman  Kent Payne, ruled it intentional grounding. Since the foul occurred in the end zone,

Mike Pereira grades three Week 13 calls

Former officials' boss says the intentional grounding safety on 49ers a bad call Former NFL vice president for officiating and current FOX Sports football officiating analyst Mike Pereira broke down three very interesting plays from Week 13, including an intentional grounding call in the endzone that resulted in a safety on

LJ Stephan down with injury

Week 13: Giants at Redskins In the second quarter, line judge Tom Stephan left game with an injury. He walked off to the Redskins sideline, and a replay showed him briefly grasping his leg with what appears to be a pulled hamstring. Back judge Tony Steratore moved up to line judge, leaving

Quick calls: Week 13

Did you see a call that needs explanation? Did the officials get something wrong? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. We will update this post with our observations. (Officiating assignments) [liveblog]

Green crew should’ve shut down ugly play

Saints at Falcons (video) This was a downright sloppy play by Scott Green's crew on Thursday night no matter how you look at it, even though the final ruling on the play was correct. Falcons running back Michael Turner seemed to be stopped and then lost the ball. (This part is correct,

Week 13 referee assignments

This week, Clete Blakeman is off, although two members of his crew are substituting this week. Bill Vinovich, who is a rotating 18th referee, will head Walt Anderson's crew; Anderson will head Gene Steratore's crew, while Steratore has the week off. The two officials who have been benched with injuries are back