Chargers’ Barnes bumps official, ejected

Week 17: Chargers at Raiders 1st Quarter | 9:05 remaining | No score | Raiders ball | 1st & 10 @ SD 42 | video Chargers linebacker Antwan Barnes contacted an official after an out-of-bounds reception by the Raiders, causing referee Clete Blakeman to eject Barnes. There was only one replay offered, which

Week 17 tweets and quick calls

Bills at Patriots. @cRewFive1 tweeted Patriots head coach Bill Bellichick "ripped the official a new ass. Bitching about interior holding...ran down the LJ...TV picked up a few bad words." Chiefs at Broncos. Discussing an obvious non-call of a Chiefs defender grasping the facemask of Tim Tebow, we tweeted that the umpire

‘Happy New Year’ is 15 yards and other dumb celebrations

The revelry is not limited to Times Square, as some excessive celebration penalties have been handed out on this first of January: Patriots at Bills. Bills receiver Stevie Johnson was penalized 15 yards for revealing a "Happy New Year 2012" message printed on his undershirt following a touchdown (photo at link).

Muffed kickoff gives Lions an easy 2 pts; Chargers, similar play, down at  ½-yd line

Week 17: Lions at Packers 1st Quarter | 13:00 remaining | Lions 7-0 | Lions kickoff | video Updated below to include similar play from Chargers–Raiders. Tough break for the Packers, as Patrick Lee muffs the Lions kickoff in the end zone. Lee remained in the end zone, but the ball rolled out

Week 17 assignments

Sunday, Jan. 1 Buccaneers at Falcons: Scott Green Ravens at Bengals: Tony Corrente Steelers at Browns: Alberto Riverón Lions at Packers:  Walt Coleman Colts at Jaguars: John Parry Titans at Texans:  Ron Winter 49ers at Rams:  Jeff Triplette Jets at Dolphins:  Jerome Boger Bears at Vikings:  Mike Carey Bills at Patriots: Bill Leavy Panthers at Saints:  Ed Hochuli Redskins at Eagles: Carl