Court decides protested call in Illinois playoff game

The Illinois High School Association playoffs last Saturday ended in a way very similar to a game between Central Michigan University and Oklahoma State earlier this year. In the Class 7A semifinal (the second-largest class) between Plainfield North High School (Plainfield, Ill.) and Fenwick High School (Oak Park, Ill.), Fenwick had the ball

Examining the case for full-time officials

Embed from Getty Images   The 2016 NFL season is now just over the halfway point, and one of the most consistent storylines of the season has been the decline in TV ratings. Naturally, the first items looked at are the quality of play on the field and the current officiating practices.

Sherman’s hit at the end of the game is legal

After a controversial set of plays earlier in the game, Walt Anderson's officiating crew was presented with another controversial call as the Bills failed to convert on 4th and goal at the end of the game. As the fourth-down play unfolded, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hit and knocked down Bills

Cascading errors hit Anderson crew in final seconds of the half

Week 9: Bills at Seahawks (video) With 3 seconds remaining in the first half on Monday night in Seattle, what appeared to be a routine end-of-half field goal became anything but. After the discussions revolving around Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner's leaping tactics a few weeks ago, this time it was teammate

49ers exploit rules with triple defensive holding

Week 9: Saints at 49ers (video via Deadspin) 49ers head coach Chip Kelly employed a rarely used tactic: he intentionally broke the rules to gain an advantage. With eight seconds remaining in the first half and the Saints well within field goal range, the 49ers defensive backs held their opponents on purpose to

Coaches aren’t challenging as much as last year

Embed from Getty Images   With the kickoff of Thursday night's game between the Falcons and Buccaneers, the 2016 season is already past the halfway point. There are a few interesting trends that have emerged in the replay statistics over the first eight weeks. There have been 69 coach's challenges and 151

Owners meeting: 8th official unlikely for 2017

Embed from Getty Images   The NFL's fall owners meeting concluded in Houston, and there were a few interesting topics that involve the officials. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a press conference at the conclusion of the meeting to review the business that was conducted. One particular item was what was omitted: there was

Burfict facing a $75,000 fine for dirty tactics

Embed from Getty Images   Update 10/19: Burfict was fined $75,000 by the league for the altercation with Blount, but the low hit on Bennett was not fined, as it is technically a legal hit. Burfict is appealing the fine, as he claims he did not step on Blount. In the (unscientific)

Central Michigan wins on Hail Mary-lateral play that officials should not have allowed

Controversy arose on Saturday as Central Michigan had one last chance to defeat Oklahoma State. Unfortunately, it was one chance too many allowed under the rules. On fourth down, Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph threw a pass out of bounds as time expired, and the officials ruled intentional grounding and that