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NFC Championship Game liveblog: 49ers at Eagles

We are covering the NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia between the 49ers and Eagles.

Live updates loading …

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5 thoughts on “NFC Championship Game liveblog: 49ers at Eagles

  1. I guess Philly has been chosen this year. Being blocked into the punter is now a 15 yard penalty.

  2. Finally the liveblog update writing about what a great call it is appeared. I always thought that having your arms across the body like that was a hold, but we all know that holding calls are never in the niners favor.

  3. Hits the ball, gets called anyway.. about an hour late as well. Guess it took time for word to be passed down.. Nothing but the best these part-timers.

  4. Multiple Eagles were throwing punches, yet replay only saw 1 guy from each team? That is even more embarrassing then the idea that all the officials on the field only saw 1 from each…

  5. And Mike Pereira always says the refs made good calls, it is as predicable as out hosts here saying the same thing, or saying that the sky is blue.

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