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AFC Wild Card liveblog: Raiders at Bengals

We are covering the AFC Wild Card game from Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati between the Raiders and Bengals.

Live updates loading …

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4 thoughts on “AFC Wild Card liveblog: Raiders at Bengals

  1. Great watching an elderly official blow a whistle and screw up a play and then have nobody notice and allow a play to continue. For a touchdown no less. Just pathetic.

    Get serious and hire the best officials.

  2. Once again Jerome Boger goes out of his way to show us that he is the absolute worst referee in the NFL bar none. This game has been an officiating train wreck.

  3. @league office – I do not officiate football or any other game. However, I love football and the NFL and am disgusted with the quality of officiating.

    How could it not be the case in the politically correct obsessed NFL led by Goodell.

    Hire the best officials. Stop with checking of boxes. And, don’t expect guys in their late 60s to keep up with the game.

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