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2016 Wild Card Playoffs

Wild Card liveblog: Lions at Seahawks

Football Zebras liveblog coverage of the NFC Wild Card playoff game between the Lions and Seahawks.



2016 NFC Wild Card Playoff

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the NFC Wild Card Playoff game from CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

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Today’s crew is headed by Brad Allen.

      Yrs 2016 crew College Occupation
R 122 Brad Allen 3   Pembroke State non-profit CEO
U 44 Jeff Rice 22 Coleman Northwestern attorney
HL 134 Ed Camp 16 Boger William Paterson physical education teacher
LJ 18 Byron Boston 22 Anderson Austin tax consultant
FJ 103 Eugene Hall 3 Boger North Texas federal agent
SJ 73 Joe Larrew 15 Blakeman St Louis attorney
BJ 46 Perry Paganelli 19 Parry Hope College retired high school administrator
  • Replay: Jim Lapetina
  • Alternates: Walt Anderson (R), Jeff Lamberth (SJ), Mike Weatherford (FJ)

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