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Week 10 referee assignments


Jerome Boger will have his crew on hand for the Thursday night game between the Browns and the Ravens.

Three crews are off this week — Walt Anderson, Tony Corrente, and John Hussey  — and the Bills, Lions, Colts, and Raiders all have a bye week.

Thursday, Nov. 10

  • Browns at Ravens   NFLN   â€”   Jerome Boger

Sunday, Nov. 13

  • Chiefs at Panthers   â€”   Carl Cheffers
  • Texans at Jaguars   â€”   Ron Torbert
  • Broncos at Saints   â€”   Bill Vinovich
  • Rams at Jets   â€”   Ed Hochuli
  • Falcons at Eagles   â€”   Craig Wrolstad
  • Bears at Buccaneers   â€”   Walt Coleman
  • Packers at Titans   â€”   Jeff Triplette
  • Vikings at Washington   â€”   Pete Morelli
  • Dolphins at Chargers   â€”   Terry McAulay
  • 49ers at Cardinals   â€”   Brad Allen
  • Cowboys at Steelers   â€”   Clete Blakeman
  • Seahawks at Patriots   NBC   â€”   Gene Steratore

Monday, Nov. 14

  • Bengals at Giants   ESPN   â€”   John Parry


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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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7 thoughts on “Week 10 referee assignments

  1. We still can’t DJT. Over 95% of the vote went for Hillary in Washington DC.

    On that note, Cleveland at Baltimore should be a lovely train wreck.

  2. Walt Anderson’s crew is off this week? They should be off for the next several weeks so they can receive training in what constitutes unnecessary roughness and situations that require a crew to reset the game clock.

  3. Bill Vinovich’s crew is guilty of point shaving and needs to be investigated for stealing money from 70,000 paid attendees. The umpire was looking directly at an infraction during an infraction deemed a “Point of emphasis” by NFL Football Operations. The umpire, number 102, was looking directly at two Broncos players pulling a Saints long snapper to the ground, allowing The Broncos defender to hurdle the long snapper and block the kick, effectively shaving a point from the New Orleans Saints. this game changing point was not the only point not nullified by this play. The umpire’s willful act also resulted into points for the Broncos. There is no conclusion to make except that the umpire willfully ignored the two-man pull down by the Broncos the defenders. NOPD should investigate the background of the umpire and the willful theft from 70,000 fans of hard earned money paid to attend a fairly officiated contest. Point shaving is illegal.

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