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Referee assignments, Divisional Playoffs: Boger, Coleman, Corrente, Vinovich




We have the assignments for the Divisional Playoffs weekend. Officials are listed with their uniform number, years experience (including this season), the crew each official worked with in the regular season (by the referee’s name), college, and outside occupation. All times are Eastern.

The postseason experience shown for the crew chief includes all assignments prior to being promoted to referee.

Updated to include replay, alternates, and game supervisors.

Saturday, Jan. 12

AFC Divisional Playoff: Ravens at Broncos, 4:30 p.m. (CBS)

Bill Vinovich is the referee. Vinovich is in his first season back on the field from medical leave he took in 2006. He is in his 7th year and 4th as referee. This is his 4th postseason assignment, including 1 Wild Card Playoff, 2 Divisional Playoffs, and 1 Conference Championship.

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 52 Bill Vinovich 7   San Diego certified public accountant, former NFL supervisor of officials
U 96 Undrey Wash 13 Cheffers Texas-Arlington claims controller
HL 54 George Hayward 22 Leavy Missouri Western vice-president and manager, warehouse company
LJ 107 Ron Marinucci 16 Blakeman Glassboro State vice president, novelty cone company
FJ 25 Bob Waggoner 16 Steratore Juniata College probation officer
SJ 62 Ronald Torbert 3 Parry Michigan State attorney
BJ 2 Billy Smith 19 Anderson East Carolina retired federal government
  • Alternates: Jeff Rice (upfield), Phil McKinnely (line), Lee Dyer (deep)
  • Replay official: Tom Sifferman
  • Replay assistant: Roger Ruth
  • Supervisor: Gary Slaughter
  • Observer: Duke Carroll

Vinovich did not have a regular season crew (referred to as a “swing official”). He substituted for the referee on the crews he worked this season. Vinovich officiated neither the Ravens nor the Broncos this season.

All crew members, with the obvious exception of Vinovich, officiated in Wild Card or Divisional Playoff games last season.

NFC Divisional Playoff: Packers at 49ers, 8 p.m. (Fox)

Jerome Boger is the referee. This is his 9th year and 7th as referee. This is Boger’s 4th postseason assignment; all were Divisional Playoffs. 

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 23 Jerome Boger 9   Morehouse College commercial insurance underwriter
U 76 Darrell Jenkins 11 Morelli San Jose State retired
HL 79 Kent Payne 9 Cheffers Nebraska Wesleyan teacher
LJ 84 Mark Steinkerchner 19 McAulay Akron vice-president
FJ 3 Scott Edwards 14 Parry Alabama environmental engineer
SJ 78 Greg Meyer 11 Blakeman Texas Christian banker
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 7 Steratore Aquinas College educator
  • Alternates: Walt Anderson (upfield), Tom Symonette (line), Keith Washington (deep)
  • Replay official: Bill Spyksma
  • Replay assistant: Terry Sullivan
  • Supervisor: Ed Coukart
  • Observer: Phil Luckett

Boger saw both of these teams in his first two games. He was in San Francisco as the 49ers hosted the Bills in Week 5, and had the Packers away game against the Texans on Sunday night in Week 6. (Boger had a bye week in Week 4 when the lockout ended.)

Payne worked in the AFC Championship game last season.

Sunday, Jan. 13

NFC Divisional Playoff: Seahawks at Falcons, 1 p.m. (Fox)

Walt Coleman  is the referee. This is his 24th year and 18th as referee. This is Coleman’s 16 postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Cards, 9 Divisional Playoffs, and 2 Conference Championships.

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 65 Walt Coleman 24   Arkansas manager, dairy processor
U 81 Roy Ellison 10 Coleman Savannah State technical staff member
HL 28 Mark Hittner 16 Hochuli Pittsburg State investment broker
LJ 18 Byron Boston 18 Anderson Austin tax consultant
FJ 4 Craig Wrolstad 10 Hochuli Washington athletic director
SJ 15 Rick Patterson 17 Coleman Wofford banker
BJ 38 Greg Yette 3 Coleman Howard defense contractor
  • Alternates: Dan Ferrell (upfield), Jerry Bergman (line), Todd Prukop (deep)
  • Replay official: Bob McGrath
  • Replay assistant: Russell Yurk
  • Supervisor: Neely Dunn
  • Observer: John Schleyer

Coleman was in Atlanta for the first game after the lockout when the Falcons hosted the Panthers in Week 4.

Three members of this crew — Ellison, Hittner, and Wrolstad — were ranked in the top three last year and officiated the NFC Championship game. Yette, in his second year of eligibility, is working his first postseason game.

AFC Divisional Playoff: Texans at Patriots, 4:30 p.m. (CBS)

Tony Corrente is the referee. This is his 18th year and 15th as referee. This is Corrente’s 12 postseason assignment, including 5 Wild Card Playoffs, 2 Divisional Playoffs, 3 Conference Championships and Super Bowl XLI.

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 99 Tony Corrente 18   Cal State-Fullerton Pac-12 supervisor of officiating, former teacher
U 53 Garth DeFelice 15 Blakeman San Diego State distribution center manager, beverage company
HL 22 Steve Stelljes 11 Anderson Friends business planning manager
LJ 130 Darryll Lewis 14 Corrente Dartmouth associate professor
FJ 20 Barry Anderson 6 Triplette North Carolina State builder/developer
SJ 73 Joe Larrew 11 Boger St Louis attorney
BJ 119 Greg Wilson 5 Corrente USC law enforcement
  • Alternates: Bill Schuster (upfield), John Hussey (line), Terry Brown (deep)
  • Replay official: Paul Weiner
  • Replay assistant: Mike Wimmer
  • Supervisor: Johnny Grier
  • Observer: Jim Duke

Corrente officiated a Texans home game against the Ravens in Week 7 and a Texans road game against the Titans in Week 13.

For no readily apparent reason for the gap, Corrente last officiated a Patriots home game in the 2005 season opener against the Raiders. He has officiated several away games for the Patriots.

Only four members of the crew had playoff assignments last year. It should be noted that DeFelice was injured near the end of the 2011 season, and likely did not get a postseason assignment as a result.

Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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