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6 observations from Super Bowl XLVIII

McAulay crew handles first dud Super Bowl in 10 years Well, this year’s Super Bowl will not go down as a classic in terms of excitement, but the Seahawks’ defensive performance will be talked about for a long time.  Peyton … Continue reading

Safety calls, roughness on QB: Roundtable reviews Week 5 calls

Football Zebras Roundtable We had a few calls this week that were borderline judgement calls. How close were they? Former NFL officiating supervisors Jim Daopoulos and Larry Upson helped us unpack three controversial calls from Week 5. Both Larry and … Continue reading

Week 5 “Official Review”: referee did not see ‘firm control’ on punt-block safety

Dean Blandino, the NFL vice president of officiating, has the breakdown of a few calls in his “Official Review” segment on NFL Network: The Seahawks recovery of a blocked punt on the end line, ruled a safety and not a … Continue reading

After Further Review: Even Philly thinks Giants should have won challenge

Image: Dallas Cowboys photo First, our quick calls [Football Zebras] The pink penalty flags did cause some confusion with the players’ pink towels, all symbolic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, a clock operator briefly stopped the clock because one … Continue reading

Crews need to work together, get it right

  Football is one of the most team-oriented games in the world.  It is a joy to watch a team function on the field as a well-oiled machine as they work to win the game.  The seven-person third team on … Continue reading

Quick calls: Week 1

Did you see a call in the kickoff weekend that needs our attention? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. We have the week 1 assignments and the crew lists available for your review.

49ers dispute Kaepernick grounding, safety

Week 13: 49ers at Rams On a pass from his end zone, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw an incomplete pass toward the line of scrimmage, but out of bounds. Referee Carl Cheffers, after consulting with head linesman  Kent Payne, ruled … Continue reading

Week 7 review: Disconcerting acts called, illegal contact not called, a safety declined

Some of the big calls from Week 7 were unusual ones. We break them down in our weekly column at the National Football Post. This week’s topics include disconcerting acts and the ending to the Saints-Buccaneers game. Also, we took … Continue reading

Intentional grounding call is 2nd safety by penalty in a Super Bowl

1st quarter | 9:00 remaining | No score | Patriots ball | 1st & 10 @ NE 6 | video It does not happen often, particularly in the big game. Any time the enforcement of a spot foul is behind … Continue reading

Muffed kickoff gives Lions an easy 2 pts; Chargers, similar play, down at ½-yd line

Week 17: Lions at Packers 1st Quarter | 13:00 remaining | Lions 7-0 | Lions kickoff | video Updated below to include similar play from Chargers–Raiders. Tough break for the Packers, as Patrick Lee muffs the Lions kickoff in the … Continue reading