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Week 16

Boger backtracks on ‘bump'; do officials apply double standard to DQ a QB?


Cam disses ref: ‘disrespect,’ luckily it wasn’t disqualification Week 16: Raiders at Panthers Panthers quarterback Cam Newton might have revealed a double standard for ejecting quarterbacks. Although there are no official statistics kept, the most recent (and only) instance I can find of a quarterback getting an early shower was in 1995 when Buccaneers quarterback Trent…

Week 16 referee assignments


This week, Tony Corrente’s crew is off. Bill Vinovich will head Bill Leavy’s crew and Leavy has the week off. Apparently, back judge Rich Reels left the game last week with an injury. Corrente’s back judge Greg Wilson fills in for Reels. Three years ago, Reels left the game when injured on a kickoff return, which,…