Do Browns shoulder burden of avoiding touchback?

Week 1: Browns at Steelers The Browns nearly pinned the Steelers down on the goal line with a fourth-quarter punt. It looks like the Browns were successful, but a touchback was ruled. Let's review the call. Once the ball is possessed by the kicking team, the ball is dead (unless the receiving

On-field measurement not decisive on TV

Week 6: Browns at Steelers The Cleveland Plain Dealer is questioning whether a first down measurement sustained a drive that resulted in a Steelers field goal against the Browns (video, forward to 1:31). The hometown paper's headline screams the Steelers got three unearned points as a result of the measurement. The camera

2nd string MNF crew certain it was TD; overruled on replay

Week 1: Chargers at Raiders Near halftime of the second part of the Monday Night Football doubleheader, the Raiders were driving for a go-ahead touchdown, which they scored on the initial call. The replay booth initiated a replay. During the review, the announcers (not the weekly crew, but morning-show and game-show credentials

MNF crew crows about roughing penalty, disregards whistle

Week 1: Bills at Patriots In the middle of the fourth quarter (gamebook), Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas sacked Bills quarterback Trent Edwards for a ten-yard loss. In the process of tackling the quarterback, Thomas pulled Edwards to the ground, drawing a 15-yard roughing-the-passer penalty. The Monday Night Football crew all thought this