Images of Super Bowl XLIX

Courtesy of NFL and team photographers (Click on any image to open a slideshow.) Courtesy of Getty Images Side judge Tom Hill calls the Jermaine Kearse spectacular catch: View image | Bill Vinovich in the pre-game: View image | Back judge Terrence Miles: View image | Field judge Bob Waggoner calls an interception: View image | Alternate

Six Super Bowl XLIX officiating observations

View image |   The Super Bowl XLIX officiating crew is back at home and recovering from a frenzied season that was capped off with a frenzied Super Bowl.  While some may disagree with a call here and there, the biggest controversy is the Seahawks' play calling at the end of

Super Bowl officials will work divisional playoff games

View image | The Divisional Playoff officiating assignments bear close watching, as we can confirm that the Super Bowl XLIX officials will be assigned a divisional playoff game.  The Super Bowl officials will be the only officials assigned to two postseason games. It used to be that Super Bowl officials came

6 keys for the 2014 season

It is time. Clinic attended, check.  Rules test taken, check. Camps visited, check. Preseason games officiated, check. It is time for the 2014 NFL season.  Just as officials have keys to read on every play, I'm going to be keying in on five things as I zebra-watch from now until